Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First email from Elder Rodabough 7/23/13

I MADE IT!!!!!!!!
Im sitting here on a keyboard that is in spanish and i cant hit all the keys. So there will be little correct grammar for the next couple of days hahaha.  I love Mexico city! we landed at 830 and just made it to the MCC.  Our flight got delayed for about half an hour and the three elders with me met up with a sister from Las Vegas who had been delayed 4 hours.  I SAW ELDER KELLEY!!!! We saw some sisters having trouble with their food and we offered some help carrying it to their terminal.  I asked where they were going and they said Italy.  I asked if they knew Elder Kelley and they said he was just a few gates down.  I ran through the terminal to his gate but i didnt find him.  Then he came up behind me and said "I love ice cream. You should try some." and then he shoved a spoon in my mouth.  Good to know he is still Nate.  But Ive loved the trip so far and from what i can see in the dark the MCC is beauitful.  Dad would hate driving in Mexico city, its so packed and no one obeys traffic laws and the police just seem to go "oh well." 
Im so glad that the sister got delayed. she knows some spanish and helped us out through customs and when we met up with the guys from the MCC.  I look forward to seeing my companion tomorrow and starting my training to be a Missionary and a representative of christ.  Just from this day alone ive seen the lords work and blessings as we go with faith to serve him.
Well ma im terribly tired and hungry. (Just about to eat some food) and then its off to bed.  I love you all so much and i look forward to hearing from all of you!
Elder Rodabough

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  1. Congrats Elder Rodabough - it's hard to type in English when you're keyboard doesn't have an apostrophe key but we'll overlook it!