Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Email sent March 16, 2015: The Suarez Family Baptism

Well team, the best thing that happened this week was the baptism of the Suarez family! So I'll focus a bit more on that than the other days of the week. Basically we tracted and found some crazy Jewish Guatemalan guy that played us bahmitzva music for the first 20 minutes of our lesson. Remind me to show you that video when I get home.

The Suarez baptism was actually a really sweet experience. We'd been preparing the whole week this past week getting everything ready. Usually with a baptism there is always one thing that goes wrong so I was expecting something the whole time. But as the baptism got started nothing had happened! The service was great, the fellowshipper of the Suarez's gave a beautiful talk about the process of baptism and it's purpose. Then we had the baptism which went awesome! Secret time: I have a huge fear of watching someone get baptized. I'm always worried that something is going to go wrong, so of course I was asked to be a witness for the baptisms. Then the youth sang the Youth Theme for 2014 "Come unto Christ" and it was really beautiful. 

Aside from that that was the highlight of our week! We have Elder wick of the 70 coming to the mission to do a mission tour. We have about three meetings with him this week so we probably won't get a whole lot of proselyting done... But we are going to work hard!  I Love you all so much! 

Elder Rodabough the second
PS: Best quote from Elder Swingler this week:  "So my two main goals right now are 1. Finish my mission and 2. Be bigger than Van Halen and be a guitar master." 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Email sent March 9, 2015: I Got Food Poisoning

So yeah I got food poisoning this week the day of transfers. That wasn't fun at all. So we ate with a family from the English ward this week that I knew from Sugar Hill. We ate Tuesday right before transfers and the meat she served us was questionable at best... But she said she worked in a French restaurant so we didn't question. She didn't mention why she said "Worked" instead of "Work" however... But anyways. I woke up on Wednesday morning throwing up... And then I had to go to the mission office and grab my new missionary. Elder Galvez drove me actually! So I had the chance to say goodbye to him before he left. He should be up in Utah in two months and so I hope he comes and sees you guys!

My new missionary's name is Elder Swingler. He's from the US but spent 10 years in Columbia growing up until he was 16. He speaks amazing Spanish so I don't have to worry about teaching him anything. He really likes anime and lots of other things that I've never done before. But alas, he has a great desire to work and so I will use that to build our relationship and work hard.

I'm so sorry I don't have anything to write.... I will have so much after this week though!!! The Suarez's baptism will be this Saturday!  Keep them in your prayers! You are all in mine and I know that the Lord is watching over us :)

Elder Rodabough

Email sent March 2, 2015: I Am Training Again

Yeah so yeah I'm getting a new missionary this Thursday. Elder Castro is going back to the Portuguese Branch and isn't sure how he feels about it, but I know he'll be fine :) he's just got to work and apply all the lessons we learned the past three months together. I've really loved my companionship with Elder Castro guys. I've never felt like I've worked the hardest that I can like I have with him. Ok.. Maybe Galvez... But Castro is a close close second when it comes to level of work done and dedication to the work.

Speaking of Elder Galvez!!! He's finished this Wednesday!!! I get the chance to drive him to the mission office and I will appreciate the heck out of those 15 minutes we'll have together. The mission is changing so much these days... It's pretty crazy. All of my best friends and missionaries that I've looked up to the past 18 months are all going home. When Elder Galvez comes up from Guatemala you guys have to meet him!!! I WOULD LOVE THAT SO MUCH!!!!

This week was really super cold. It snowed twice but here the snow is basically hail. Satan was being a real punk this week and whenever we would be tracting it would be hailing like crazy. Elder Castro isn't used to the cold, so we had to take some breaks and when we would stop the hail would stop. Then the second that we started knocking again it would start hailing again!!! I wasn't happy to say the least. Not one bit. But we had some really amazing miracles!

THE SUAREZ'S ARE ON DATE!!!! Well the mom and daughter who are non-members are on date for the 14th of March. I was so excited when Adriana, the mom, said she had decided a date :) We really love this family and they are so awesome :) They are the most mormony non-mormon family that we've ever taught haha. LIke for example, we had a Family History Day for the branch for sunday school and priesthood/reliefsociety we just looked for names of ancestors with the branch members. We learned how to do it on Thursday and then helped the members. I helped a woman find and request temple work for 3 of her brothers who have passed away and her father. She was so excited and almost started craying. It was a really cool blessing to be apart of. Hey real fast dad! Grandpa's initatory and endowments have not been done according to the records! It says that you have them reserved to do, but I would love to do them when I get home. Please! 

Aside from that guys that's about it. Know that I love you guys and am looking forward to seeing you all on August 15th. Holy flip that's too soon....

Love, because I love you,
Elder Rodabough the second