Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Email sent August 6, 2013. Seriously Elder Rodabough--you already lost your camera!

This week has been a quick one. When Elder Doman, and yes I mean Mitch Doman from Bingham High School, (There are 7 other Bingham boys here and more will probably come in the next 5 hours) told me that time would fly and the language would become more attainable after the first week, I believed him, but not to this extent!  The week went by so fast. 
I'm glad you got to see the picture from Bryce Cameron! He was super excited to see me and take the photo. He stopped me right on my way to class and told my companion to take it hahaha.  I can't find my camera, which makes me feel terrible, but I have a feeling it will turn up. I have faith. I've only actually lost a few things and I find things I'd say about 93% of the time. So statistics are on my side. And the Lord is on my side, which I would say is better than statistics.  You know what else would be good to have the Lord on your side? Water polo. He could just run around.
Well lets just say I'm no longer like Niagra Falls. I figured out that if I stop using the tap water to brush my teeth I don't have as many problems. Also the beans--beans are bad.
My district is doing much better, and we're coming together quite swimmingly.  Elder Doman asked me how we do it, being so close but not getting to distracted from our studies. I told him that I guess I just lucked out with my bunch.  Another pair, Elder Adams and Elder Christensen just got called to be the Branch Executive Secretaries.  So my district is representing pretty dang well. 
Ok, so I'm not totally out of using the non-missionary lingo. But it's only my second week. So I get some wiggle room.
Let me tell you about the MTC president.  He looks like one of the members of our ward, but I can't remember the ward member's name. He looks unhappy and serious all the time, But anyway, give him the voice of Jeff Bridges and that's it.  He's lived in Argentina ever since his mission. Either being a lawyer for the church or just being awesome for the church.  He's a real man's man you know? His favorite quote to use when a missionary asks a question is, "Well Elder, the worst thing they can do is send you home." but he says it much more sarcastically that I just can't describe through electronic mail.
Lessons are going well. Earlier last week our ïnvestigator committed to be baptized, and then became our teacher, Hermano Russell.  He's one of the most sincere men I have ever met. He is such a powerful teacher and missionary.  Me and one of the sisters in my district looked through Preach My Gospel and it was like "The Key" to all conversion.  It's like Isaiah himself wrote the notes.  Now we have two investigators, our orginal investigator, a new investigator, and our original teacher Hermana Sherwood.  
Spanish is getting better. I'm not amazing, but I can pick up more words being said, and I can use verbs a lot better, which is very helpful.  Time will give me the ability to speak, I just have to have faith and be patient.
Let's talk about my district. So if I reference them you can understand.
Let's start off with Elder Adams and Elder Christensen:
Elder Adams will be an Ambassador with me up at Utah state. He's from Sandy and went to Hillcrest.  He's the hardest worker in the district. he studies the gospel and the language. Elder Christensen seems to be having a hard time taking things seriously, but is still here for the long run.  He did martial arts in high school and is from Park City. He hopes to go into the Army and does about 200 pushups a night. Seriously 200--probably even more.
Elder Jones and Elder Owen:
Elder Jones is my true equal in the Spanish language. He, like me, can understand a lot of what is said, but cannot respond.  He played basketball in high school and is very athletic. He grew up in Las Vegas but lives in St. George. I introduced him to ultimate Frisbee and he is now hooked.  Elder Owen is from Las Angeles and is very.... serious.  He can crack a joke but seems like a kid who's here for business. He knows Spanish amazingly well and works very hard. 
Elder Jordan and Elder Clark:
Probably the funniest companionship in the district.  Elder Jordan is from Seattle, or at least he says he is. He's really from a town 45 minutes outside of Seattle. About 20 miles above where civilization ends acording to him.  He did a semester up at BYU Idaho. He's the funniest Elder in our district and he continues to be. Elder Clark probably would've been a really good friend of mine in high school if we had met. He lived in Kaysville and went to Davis High School. He talks, but in a quieter tone and knows by far the most Spanish in the district (aside from Hermana De La Vega). He took 5 years in high school and middle school.
Hermana Winters and Hermana De La Vega: 
I met Hermana Winters when I flew out from Salt Lake. When we were sitting outside our gate she sat down by me and we started talking. She did a year up at Utah State and she loves talking about her time up there. She played volleyball in high school and whenever we play it's like returning a serve from Zeus.  Hermana De La Vega is from Las Vegas and I met her when I flew from Dallas to Mexico. She had missed her flight and had to be rescheduled.  She went to a year at UNLV and her mother and father are both from Mexico. We all question why she's here for six weeks when she speaks Spanish almost fluently. We usually go to her with our questions.
Then me and my companion, but you know enough about us. But if you have any questions I'd be more than willing to answer them.  Also heads up, Elder Marchello's uncle lives in South Jordan and he says he's going to stop by..... Again, heads up.  The pouch still hasn't arrived but I imagine it will this week.  Part of my district responsibilities is to check the mail once a day.  So I'll see it then. The Hermanas also check it, "Just to be safe". haha Know that I am safe, I am healthy and I am filled with the spirit. 
Elder Rodabough


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