Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fourth Week in the MTC: August 19, 2013 letter

Our temple trip was super interesting!  We left at noon and didn't get back till about 6:30 pm! We took the streets of Mexico City all the way to the temple and it took us over an hour and a half! You would hate to drive in Mexico. It's so scary and crazy, cars and motorcycles are darting everywhere and the traffic laws are just ridiculous.  We almost killed a motorcyclist and he missed our bus by inches.  But when we got there it was so amazing to be at the temple. The inside is exactly like the Jordan River Temple, session rooms and all.  It was like being at home :)  Some of the boys in my district, Elder Owen and Elder Jordan live super far away from their temples (Los Angeles and Seattle) and so they had only one chance to go through the temple until they came.  I sat next to Elder Jordan and helped him through the session, which was hard because everything was in Spanish. Let's just say the veil was interesting. I am so glad I went as many times to the as I did before I left, because even though I couldn't tell what was going on 100% of the time, I could understand about half of what was being said.  See I've been learning Gospel Spanish, so things in the church or about the church make sense to me, but regular conversation--nope. I’m assuming that the mission field will teach me that.   But once we got through it was amazing.  I got to just sit, pray and ponder in the Celestial Room for about half an hour. I asked the Lord for help knowing that he answers my prayers and if he will help me with the language if I commit myself to learn. I loved being able to go, I needed it so badly.  I feel so great now and we'll go next week for our last P-Day. We're pretty excited for P-day. Elder Jordan compares it to Christmas, so every Monday night we sing a Christmas song to celebrate.

Then later that night something interesting happened.  We had our devotional and it was the first international devotional in missionary history.  MTC's in Mexico City, the Phillippines, England, Provo, Peru, and a few others were all tuned in to hear from Elder Scott from the Quorum of the Twelve.  He talked about prayer. I listened very closely.  Then at the end he did something I've only witnessed a few times, but had never fully felt as powerful. He finished his talk and then stood there for a few moments in silence. Then he talked about his wife and apologized for his emotional nature throughout the night. He said that he felt her presence and that the Lord had allowed her to be with him as he spoke. Then he did something that was a direct answer to my prayers.  He gave a prophetic blessing upon every missionary of the church to understand the languages the Lord had asked them to learn.  He blessed us with comfort, knowing that the Lord hears and answers our prayers. It was amazing.

I don't have much else to write about Mom and Dad. I haven't received anything that you've sent and I'm a little concerned but at the same time I only have two weeks left so I don't really need anything that I can't go two weeks without.  Today we're going to get more missionaries, and we got roommates last week.  We have one more empty room in our casa so we might get 4 more elders today.... I'm all for more missionaries serving, but we're running out of room for them.

Know that I love you all and I'm so excited to be getting closer to serving in my mission area. I'm proud to be a missionary. I am a representative of Christ. His name covers my heart, and fills every part of my body and soul. I love him and will follow the Lord. We all should.


Elder Rodabough, the second.

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