Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Email sent June 2, 2014: Zone Conference and Lost Sisters

This week was really eventful to say the least! I'm going to have to shorten everything since we're going on a hike to some waterfalls. 
On Tuesday we had Zone Conference with the Athens, Cornelia, Lilburn, and Sugar Hill Zones which was about 140 missionaries. President Wolfert addressed us and it was one of the most emotional talks I've ever heard. It was all about consecrating ourselves to our missions, what we are willing to give up to be dedicated to the Lord. Then he invited us to a month of consecration for the month of June. We have a list of what President feels are the most common disregarded rules in the mission field and committed us to for one month being exactly obedient to the rules.  We then had Sister Wolfert come up and say goodbye since they leave at the end of the month of June. It was such a sweet talk. Sister Wolfert is a wonderful woman. You should go to their homecoming!!! It'll be in a couple of weeks and Elder Hamer will be there so you'll get to meet him if you want and he just offered to sit by you if you guys want. He'll tell you all about how the last transfer has gone with me haha

On Sunday we had a super scary moment. Every Sunday all the District Leaders report in numbers from their missionaries. This is the ONE NIGHT were you HAVE TO BE IN COMMUNICATION with the mission leaders. One of the sister companionships wasn't accounted for.... Their District Leader had no idea where they were and no one from the Ward had heard from the sisters in two hours. We called the Assistants and then sent the District Leader over to their apartment. Elder Hamer and I were ready to just drive up to Gainesville to go find the sisters. We were imagining some heroic rescue involving kicking down doors and saving the sisters from kidnappers or something. But when the District Leader called us the sisters were just at their apartment and had left their phone at a members house and just figured that all would randomly be ok. We were so relieved that the sisters were ok and that no harm had been done to them. We said a prayer before we were about to call the Assistants asking for their protection. 
But aside from that I was also very humbled this week. I'm becoming to realize that it doesn't matter my abilities as a teacher, leader, or anything, I just have to love the Zone and look after their well being. Really Elder Hamer is one of my best companions. I've learned so much about how to love, teach, and how to be a good person more in the past three weeks than ever before my mission. 

I love you all so much! have a good week and be strong! 
Elder Rodabough, the second

We find the weirdest things by the side of the road--Really a dead dear with a balloon tied to it that say
"Get Well Soon".  Welcome to Georgia!!!

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