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Email sent November 24, 2014: Massive Amount of Thanksgiving Dinners

Que onda Familia! (what's up family)
Yeah, so basically we have like 4 dinners this Thursday... I would be lying if I said that I'm not a little concerned for how much food that will be but hey I'm down. Due to miles available to drive for us on Thursday we don't think we'll all be able to eat at all of the dinners we've been invited to. But Elder Long and I will for sure be eating 2. Elder Auelua and Elder Glaittli will probably be eating 3. Elder Glaittli is a little boy like me so I'm interested in seeing how this is going to go down. We're also playing in a turkey bowl with an English ward, and a volleyball match with the branch. So basically it'll be sports and food for a day.

This week wasn't to crazy for us missionary work wise. We tracted, taught some lessons and did all that we could. Well. we could've probably done more but that'll always be the case. We did what we were capable of and enjoyed our time. I'm really enjoying this transfer with Elder Long. He's really awesome and I feel like I can be myself way more around him. He never seems to judge me or anything like that.

I'd probably say that the best moment this week happened on Sunday. So the Meyer family, the white family we've been teaching that feel more comfortable in the Spanish branch, have basically become members without being baptized. For example, Lucy taught the youth Sunday School class this past Sunday! She was super nervous and got up at 6am Sunday morning and spent two hours preparing her class. SHE DID SO GOOD! What filled my heart with so much joy was at the end of her class she said, "I Testify that what we've talked out here is true and is of God." It was so amazing to hear her use Mormon lingo. And to testify of something!!! Lucy and Angi are so cool :) I love them so much and they are so elect. Elder Long and I Were talking about how we've taken their amazing story for granted and we've started becoming so much more grateful for the opportunity we have to teach them :) The Lord really has blessed us.

Love you all :) have a wonderful week! 
Elder Rodabough

Valerie's Baptism

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