Monday, November 18, 2013

Email from November 18, 2013: Safe and Sound

Things here in Georgia are pretty safe actually weather wise. A little rain here and it is actually been warming up over the past few days. We hadn't heard much about the missionaries in Philippines so I'm glad to hear they're ok. I have a couple friends over there that I hope and pray are ok. I know the Lord will protect his servants when they choose to do what is right and aren't dangerous. If we stay safe, he will keep us safe. But don't worry mom I will listen to the spirit as much as I can.  I really try and sometimes I feel that I can't do it as well--that I can't hear the Spirit speak to me. But I think about what Elder Thomas told me a couple weeks ago. "You won't know it was the Spirit until you act on it." I'm not going to just blindly start acting on impressions, but if I feel that it's the Holy Ghost, I will act. It's really simple to discern actually according to President Hinckley. If it prompts to do good, it is the Spirit. But for safety, I just need to stop and think for a few moments and I know that things will be ok.

This week was pretty good. Thank you so much for the journal! I think I'll send home the other one, but I'm not totally sure.  We didn’t have any of the baptisms we were hoping to have. All of our investigators didn't keep commitments and didn't feel like they're ready and we were almost dropped by a couple of them as well.... But Elder Galvez is an amazing missionary and he testified with the Spirit to keep them reading. We have had a few more setbacks in the last couple more days as well. We do have one solid investigator though planned for a baptism this Saturday. We hope that he continues to keep his commitments and prepare for the covenant he will make with the Lord.

Oh and about that package, The Zone leaders told us to tell you to send Christmas packages to us directly at our apartments so that we can have a Christmas gift.  I don't really know our address right now. But for one package send it to me and the others send to the mission office.   I would like some Nutella because that's stuff 'is the bomb!

I'm so glad to be here as a missionary. I'm sorry if my letter wasn't as detailed as the others, but I wanted to share more about my spiritual experiences. This past Saturday I was on an exchange with Elder Thomas and I read in Mosiah 3:19. The part that stood out to me was about submitting yourself to all that the Lord chooses to put upon us. If we have hope, faith and submit to the will of the Lord with patience all will be ok. We will be able to bear all if we realize that there is a way to overcome all

Elder Rodabough the second

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