Monday, November 25, 2013

Email sent November 26, 2013: HOLY FREAKING HECK THIS WEEKEND WAS LOCO!!!!

This week is titled:  HOLY FREAKING HECK THIS WEEKEND WAS LOCO!!!!!!!! 
Yeah I know, I set it up right? But this weekend was just stinking crazy!!

So on Friday, it was awful. I really hated Friday to be honest. I really was just angry with Elder Galvez, our investigators and the fact that we were dropping a lot of people and we didn't have very many more investigators. That night I felt very alone. I went into our living room right before bed and honestly just cried for about 10 minutes. I asked the Lord if he actually cared about me and that if he could show me that he was there, that he really was watching over his missionaries and that I could feel his love. When I didn't feel the comfort that I was expecting, I cried even harder.

Saturday, started off with me feeling very inadequate and feeling like I'm never going to be the missionary that I had expected myself to be, to learn this language or to even function here as a missionary. Eventually Elder Galvez decided that we just needed to get out of the apartment and go work to calm down and to fill the baptismal font for the baptism of Luis.

That night around 5:30 pm we went over to Familia M's. President Wolfert had texted us a few days before saying that maybe it was time to move on from them since they'd dropped two baptismal dates and that we weren't going to "beg them to be baptized". So we went over with a team up named Hermano Castaneda (Cast an yeh da) for the drop talk. When we got there they were a little sad.  A, who's developed a crush on Elder Galvez which he totally he brought upon himself because he texts her very often, was very upset and walked away. But then something happened--Hermano Castaneda began to teach about acting on our faith and not expecting something huge to happen to make us want to change. After he finished talking Y asked if V, her daughter, and my favorite in the M family, was ready to be baptized. We said yes and asked V, age 11, the baptismal interview questions. She answered perfectly. Then Y asked if she and V could be baptized to which we responded YES!!! She asked how soon she could be baptized to which Elder Galvez responded, "tomorrow" and she agreed. We had the baptism of Luis that night and after we had the interviews for Y and V. They both passed perfectly.

Sunday after church, we had the baptism. V asked me if I could be the one to baptize her and I was so happy to do so! Right before we went into the font she asked if we could practice real fast. I showed her where her hands would go on mine and then I practiced what I was going to say. As I said the baptismal words I looked into V's eyes and what I saw was just the pure love of God. I saw how much the Lord loves her and how wonderful this moment was. She began to cry and so did I. I said her name wrong though hahahaha and after we asked President Marcos the Branch President if we needed to do it again and he said, "The Lord knows who was baptized. We don't need to do it again Elders." 

Mom, Dad, family and everyone else who reads this--the Lord is there. The Lord knows us personally, and loves every one of us here on this earth. The lord showed me personally, that he listens to me, and loves me. I know that with every fiber of my being and I cannot deny. I love this gospel so much and I love that I have the chance to spread it.

Today however, I'm a little nervous. We got a call from president at 9:40 am and he told us that Elder Galvez is going to be the new Zone Leader in the Athens Zone. I was so excited for him. He's an amazing missionary and will be an amazing Zone Leader. Then president asked to speak with me and I got scared. I'm going to be the new District Leader replacing Elder Galvez. They're splitting our zone in half since theres 50 missionaries here and that's just too many. My district will have me and my new companion, Elder Mayo, Elder Amaro, Elder Thomas and the other Spanish speaking Elders in our branch right now. The district will also include two sets of sisters in the Johns Creek area. I am nervous. I've been out here 3 months!!!!! I don't even know this language and now I have to be the District Leader for 8 missionaries!?!?! I told president that I'm not sure if I’m ready for that and he gave me some comforting words. I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen or if I can really do this. But if the lord thinks I can, I will do my best.

Mom thank you for everything that you've given me! I think about you and Dad constantly every time we go on a team-up with a member of the ward.  I know that you're working hard but maybe give some other members a chance!!! Hahahaha. I am just kidding. I love you all so much. I'm so happy to hear that the family is going to be together for Thanksgiving! I wasn't expecting Bailey & Bobby, Madison & Cameron to come out! I'm really happy that you've got everyone there! Your Amazing Rodabough Challenge Race sounds really fun actually!  I love that idea! For Christmas I wrote down a list, but then I forgot to bring it with me.... Lo siento madre, discupeme.  (Sorry mom, forgive me) This next week I can send you my Christmas gift. Mostly I just want some reasonable things. I won't ask for Nerf guns, but I really thought about it!! I think this is our address.....105 Tree Corners Parkway, Norcross, GA, but I really think you might want to wait till next week to have me confirm that. You can look it up on google maps. It should be called the Domain apartments at the intersection of Holcomb Bridge and Jimmy Carter. You can type all that in and just see if that's it. We know it is Apartment 105 though hahaha

I'm sad to hear that Grandpa isn't feeling good.... :(  I hope that he can get better and have some miracles happen. I pray about him and I hope that everything ends up alright. Love you so much Mom, Dad, Bailey & Bobby, Madison & Cameron, Nick, Heidi & Oliver, Addison & Claire, Grandma & Grandpa, Lil & Randy, Gorhams, Gunns and McClellans!!!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving or a Dia de Gracias!!!
Elder Rodabough, the second

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