Monday, November 4, 2013

Email from November 4, 2013: No one came trick-or-treating

This week was pretty cool and learned a ton.

We had to move a member all day and didn't get to missionary work till 7pm..... And Elder Galvez was super upset but he calmed down when we started working.
I did an exchange with Elder Coleman, the zone leader while the other zone leader came down to our area to work with Elder Galvez. Elder Price didn't speak Spanish, but he contributed all that he could as he worked with Elder Galvez. My time with Elder Coleman was amazing!  We got a referral from some other elders and went to check it out. We met a man named Roy. He investigated the church when we was younger after his mother and grandmother passed away in very close period of time. He went to church and ended but feeling the spirit so much he bore his testimony. But after he married a woman who was very anti-Mormon, he stopped investigating the church. Elder Coleman and I stopped by, introduced ourselves, and after about 20 minutes of the story Elder Coleman asked if Roy wanted to be baptized. Roy agreed! HOLY FLIP!! The zone leaders find the most elect people....

I can't really remember much about this day. We taught some people, knocked on some doors—a missionary day.

Halloween!   We had to be back in our apartment by 6pm since President Wolfert didn't want us out with all the chaos. I bought some candy the Monday before and was super excited to hand it out. BUT NO ONE CAME!!!! I was super sad and Elder Galvez pretty much ate all of the candy--hahaha

I did an exchange with Elder Vance and he is amazing at speaking Spanish. He's been out 8 months and he's amazing. He's been training Elder Chilcote and they've been having some problems, but they're picking up and feeling the work in their hearts. We taught a girl named Maria. She has a baptismal date and is really prepared. We're trying to get her whole family involved, but it's difficult since they all have different schedules. But she's amazing and so intelligent.

We got dropped by a woman who we've been trying to see and teach for the past three weeks. Elder Vance and I spent an hour preparing a lesson on The Plan of Salvation and we even had a Team-up planned with a member. We were going over to talk to Familia de Mexico about the lesson, but right when we got there F, the investigator texted us about not coming over. Elder Vance asked me what we were going to do to which I replied, "Nothing, the plan stays the same." He was a little concerned but I just kept with the plan to go over. We went over with Familia de Mexico, but alas, F was not there. I was a little heartbroken to say the least, but in all things are going great.

Maria came to the English ward since she had to go to work later. Elder Thomas and I did a quick little exchange and sat with her and her member fellowshipper. It was really a powerful testimony meeting and I hope Maria felt it as well.

Elder Rodabough, the second

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