Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Email sent January 20, 2014: "Replace Fear with Faith"

That's a really good idea Mom to have less active members feed the missionaries. It's actually suggested in church manuals and in our mission binders they gave us at the beginning. Less actives have become a large topic of our branch. The branch has the records of over 168 people, but only on average 80 attend on a regular basis. President markos gave us a list of less actives to go see since he hadn't heard from them in awhile and sadly, not a single one of them actually live there any more.... So in reality there's only about 120 people that live in the area. There are so many people that have gone unaccounted for and have been lost. Really it was kind of a sad moment in branch council when we had to report this. Elder Amaro and elder Thomas for the past two transfers went though all the members in their area and only 6 families or single people live there.... The Elders quorum president is starting a new program to really get people to do their home teaching. To go out and visit these families that need helpe and support from the ward. I'm glad that you've helping the lost sheep mom. I think to often we think of them as just those who haven't found the gospel, but I think it's more of those who were a member of the fold, and have strayed from it.

This week was really long to be honest hahaha we worked really hard and had some good successes, just not where I expected to see it.  But really I'd say my most favorite part of the week is when on Wednesday we went to this place called "The Co-Op Ministry". It's a place where those of the Christian faith come together and give clothes, bread, and other household items that those in need can get. It's a joint group between 100 different churches that helps all of the people in the norcross area. Missionaries have gone over there for years to give service.  Elder Galvez and I never really gave service, so Elder Mayo and I are going every Wednesday for a few hours to translate and to help sort things. It was really just a nice moment to help people out with basic items that they need to survive. I'm so glad we went. I really have tried to have more faith. This past Tuesday at district meeting I was leading and I took a few moments to say some words. I'd had a thought the night before and I wanted to share it with them. I talked about things we have to do as missionaries that scare us, then I invited them to replace their fear, with faith. Faith that if we try, the Lord will supply the miracle and the blessings that we need.

 Other than that it was a good week. We worked hard and met some really nice people that we hope will accept the Gospel. I'm sorry my letter isn't to long, but I don't have much to say. Today we've having an "Elders P-Day" since the sister missionaries have a "Sister P-day" once a month and we felt left out, so Elder Coleman and Elder Cooper our Zone Leaders organized it. We're going to have a tie exchange, (Little weird if I do say so myself) and then we're playing 4square. Yeah 4square has gotten to be a big thing out here hahaha it's the new ultimate Frisbee!!!!
Love your son,
Elder Rodabough the second

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