Monday, January 6, 2014

Email sent on January 6, 2014: "Holy Crap That Actually Worked!"

Well six months in my baby area won't be bad--I guess. We got transfer calls today. Me and Elder Mayo are sticking it out here in Peachtree Corners. Elder Amaro is going home this Thursday. Elder Thomas is being moved over to Athens with Elder Vance who just left an area in our District last transfer. This all means that Elder Mayo and I will have what we call a "Whitewash" here in the Johns Creek area. This area is kind of a hard area. There's no real way to tell where the Hispanic people are so we just kind of blindly try to talk to people and sometimes catch someone who is Hispanic. I'll still be the District Leader so we'll see how that goes. I'm going to do my best and not worry about the "why".  I really thought I would be transferred so I just figure that there's someone here I need to find, teach, and baptize. I'll just go and do that and the Lord will show me the way.
But really this week was pretty good! We had S's confirmation this past Sunday which was really special. We've been waiting close to two months for that moment so I was very happy to take part in it. On Saturday she moved into an another apartment close by so we helped her move. Everything fit in except her couch which wouldn't go in the door. Finally after about an hour of deliberation, Elder Amaro yelled, "I know what we can do!" and ran away. He came back with a long rope and tied it off the balcony. Then they carried the couch down the stairs and tied it to the rope. We then hoisted the couch up three stories into her apartment to which Elder Amaro replied, "Holy crap that actually worked! I didn't think it would really work but it did." There's a drawing I've done so you can really see how amazing it was. Me and Amaro pulled it up the whole way. I didn't know I was that strong--Scripture power!
I'm sorry to hear that the ward was changed.  I got my positive attitude from you. You're doing so good at looking for the good in things. Really you're the one who taught me that. There is a reason for all for this. There really is a reason for the change you just need to figure out what it is. I knew they would put a new church on that big lot! I always knew it would be one! Let's hope we get switched to that one! New everything!  Thanks for the pictures of my bedroom at home.  I really like my room by the way.  I do like that it still has some of my flair in it--like my art and my instruments.  Dad sent me pictures of the kitchen.  It looks pretty darn trashed. I'm glad you've got that tarp/sheet/biohazard tent thing up.  Looking forward to all the changes when I see them!
Love you all,
Elder Rodabough, the second

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