Monday, February 17, 2014

Email sent February 10, 2014: "Setbacks and Accomplishments"

This week was a good one! We again had some setbacks, some acomplishments, and some faithful experiences. We have about 5 investigators that are progressing so steadily, keeping commitments, reading, praying, we have had return appointments. Then this week everything kind of stopped, but we didn't let that get us down at all. We just kept going harder and harder. We didn't have as much success as I expected. I think I finally figured out why things are harder then they were 2 months ago. I'm not looking at my blessings. I'm just looking at all of the setbacks. I'm letting things just get me down and keep me down. But I really want to change that. Dad's little thing on happiness helped me out a ton. Thanks for that Dad! I shared that with my district at district meeting and all of the sisters wrote it down--none of the elders ever writing anything down for any training hahaha.
Tomorrow we're expecting to get another big snow storm! We got a message from President Wolfert saying that he wants us all to park our cars tomorrow and go out on foot. They have no idea how big of a storm it will be.  As far as we know so they're going to play every hour just by ear and see if we need to return and have another apartment day. I really wouldn't mind if there was a huge storm that kept everyone in because that'd mean we could go see people that we can't seem to get in with!
I got a package from Elder Kelley this week! He sent me just a bunch of crap around his apartment and some pass along cards that they give out. Apartently he gave a little speech at a high school about America, only he didn't know that it was an all girls high school.  He was halppy to say the least. I'll try and forward the picture. Adam sent me a photo of his name tag in a sandy beach.... and Noah went to a place where fish eat off all the dead skin off of your foot. My friends are hilarious. Quinn got called to serve in Lisbon Portugal and leaves in May!!! I hope you already knew that! He's so excited to serve!


Aside from that things here are going well. I got Bailey's package for Christmas/early Birthday. You can ask her about it.... hahah nice one Bails.
Love you guys so much!!! Keep up being the awesome parents you are!
Elder Rodabough the second.
PS. Look forward to seeing the package! Love you so much mom and dad!

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