Monday, February 17, 2014

Email sent February 17, 2014: "Another Big Storm and Transfers"

This week was quite the boring one. Well, for at least the first four days. Monday was a fun P-day. Tuesday we weren't permitted to use our cars and simply walk. We tried taking a route through the forest between our complex and the street we wanted to be on. That ended up being a bad idea. After a half an hour of trekking through the forest crossing a little 2 foot stream and a big 20 foot river, we made it through muddy and ready to go back home. But we just kept going for the rest of the day and the recent convert we went to go see gave us some sandwiches so it wasn't all that bad.

This might not have been the smartest move....
Then Wednesday we spent all day in the apartment since we were told not to leave due to the fact that it wasn't snowing, but raining ice down upon us--quite literally. It was just like a little hail, but like it was raining the whole time. So Elder Jex and Elder Pickett from the English ward came over and we played Risk for 4 hours. We had power the whole time but there were some missionaries in the mission that didn't and have to have firewood dropped off. But we were just all right cozy playing Risk.  Then we walked down the street to the Waffle House. I love the Waffle House. It's the best. We went today as well!  On Thursday we could leave and head out after about 3:00 pm. Elder Jex and Elder Pickett were again over, but the sun was out and melted the inch of ice off of the roads so that we could drive. Friday I went on exchange with Elder Chilcote and Saturday we had a branch party for Valentines Day. Mom would like the Hispanic people. They like to dance no matter what age they are. The 55 year old First Counselor was apparently shimmying on a level that would challenge even Dad. On Sunday I really loved Priesthood meeting. We started talking about fathers and how often we talked to them. The teacher went through every brother there and asked when they last talked to their father and what did they talk about. Most of their fathers live in their original countries of residence so I assumed that they hadn't spoken for some time. But the brother with the longest time was only 2 weeks. Every brother had spoken to his father. It really touched me and made me think back about all the time we got to spend together as a family and also of the time I chose not to spend with you guys. I hope that you can forgive me for the times I chose not to be with the family and with my friends or downstairs.  I really wish I had spent some more time with everyone. Don't worry, when I get back I'll spend all the time with you guys, but then I'll have to go to college hahaha.
 Well transfer calls just came in! I'm going to Winder, Georgia with a kid who just got done being trained.  So I guess I'm going to learn a lot more Spanish when I'm the senior companion and have to do 80% of the talking. It's about to get real. The Winder area is a tiny branch with less than 50 people.  I 'm looking forward to that. It's also a huge area with a tiny Hispanic population so that'll be fun. I'm looking forward to working with my new companion. Elder Bacon. yeah. Bacon. Everyone send me their jokes so that things don't get dull with that kid. He's been in the mission 4 months and just got done being trained about a transfer ago. So let's see how that goes. Elder Galvez is still the Zone Leader out in Athens and Elder Barney, who came out with me is going to be the Zone Leader in Athens with Elder Galvez... I kind of hope I'm not the District Leader so I don't have to report to Elder Galvez. I fear that he's going to expect a lot out of me and come down on me a little hard. I also hope that Elder Barney is ready for the level that Elder Galvez works at. It's pretty intense. Elder Coleman, who's been my Zone Leader my whole mission, is now the AP. We all called it. He's so flippin' perfect. he's a really good missionary and really my role model here. If I come back even half of the missionary that he is, I'll be a good man.

Grandpa is continuing to progress and it does seem like the siblings are going over to help out which is nice. Dan really turned in his papers?! That's awesome!!! He'll be a good missionary. He knows how to help people and has a good heart.
Elder Rodabough the second

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