Monday, April 21, 2014

Email sent April 14, 2014: Going to the Temple--Again!

This week was again a pretty good week! We had some real success in our area and our district all had some good times this week. I got to go to the temple on Thursday!!!!! Since Elder Bacon and I were blessed to find Gaby and teach her the gospel and the mission reached it's monthly goal, we were able to go to the Atlanta Temple. We had to get up at 5:30 and be in Monroe 23 miles south at 6am. From there we went to the mission office. The whole time I was just falling asleep but I was driving--not the best.  We got to the mission office and we got into another van and headed to the Temple. It was such a good session!!! AND THERE"S ANOTHER NEW NEW VIDEO!!! I was super suprised since I didn't know there was a new one.  When I got into the Celestial room and looked around at all the other Elders and Sisters that I knew, I immediately began to cry a little, thinking of all the lives that they're touching with the message of Jesus Christ. 

Elder Barney and another Elder who had also just got to the mission were put together for an afternoon while me and Elder Orme the other trainer went to the Temple. We didn't have a huge expectation, but when we got back they'd already gotten 5 contacts, and taught a new investigator and got a return appointment! Atta boys.
On Saturday we had a lesson with a guy named Jose.  Elder Bacon and I found him tracting and taught him one lesson, but we haven't been able to get back in with him for almost a month. We'd been passing by and talking for like 5 minutes at his door, but not a lesson. We had a lesson with him and the spirit was really strong. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus christ, and at the very end I was planning on leading into the baptismal invitation so Elder Barney could extend it. The second I finished teaching the last part of the lesson, he just went for it and jose accepted for May 3rd! It's just so cool to see how much the Lord is working in our area. Winder still is on the verge of being closed, and President is already looking for another place to open an area. Elder Galvez got sent to a place called Elberton to see if they could open a branch out there. But the work here is still going :)

Sunday was just a crazy time as well! Saturday, Branch President Findlay called and asked us if we could give talks the following day. We agreed and Elder Barney got to preparing. He'd already given a talk in the MTC about the Atonement, so he got up on Sunday and read that one. He did so good!! He only has 2 weeks in the mission and he just got right up there and gave a talk! Then I went next and since we'd been doing so much stuff I didn't have a lot of time to prepare my talk. I just went up there with some scriptures and basically gave the resurrection part of the Plan of Salvation.  I spoke for about 8 minutes just winging it. You taught me well family. 
Aside from that we've got a lot of things that are just starting to get things in progress. There's hope on the horison. I know now that I must work to bring all unto Christ. With faith, diligence, and patience (Alma 32:41-45) I know that we all can fulfill the work of our Father in Heaven. 

Madison and Cameron! I'm so glad that cameron finished Nero class! One more to go!!! Keep it up cameron i'm so proud of how hard you're working to finish school and not being a slothful servant hahaha Madison i'm sorry to hear that you were sick this past week. But you did learn never to doubt mom's abilities haha it continues to amaze me just how much mom knows! That's what you get for being a guardian for close to 25 years. Glad you're feeling better though :)

Holy wow it has been a year since I recieved my call! But I still only have 8 months in the mission.  I've got a lot of time to still and I'm so excited for it! I've got so much to do and I can't wait to get to it! Well guys, I'm excited for the coming week! It's going to be a good one! Just keep up the love and be dilligent in your work, have faith, and most important, have patience in your trials. 

Love you all so much! 
Elder Rodabough the second

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