Monday, April 21, 2014

Email sent April 21, 2014: Elder Barney got his visa (putting my son up for adoption!)

So Elder Barney got his Visa this week. He won't leave till the end of this transfer, but he still will leave before we get to complete his training. I'm super happy for him that he's getting to go to his mission and serve. But I am sad that he has to leave me... It's sort of interesting actually. He has to go back to Provo today to see the Spanish consulate to confirm his Visa and he won't get back till Wednesday. So I'll going into a "Zebra" (Mixed english and spanish) companionship for the next couple days. I'm so excited to be with Elder Higginbotham and Elder Arnold. Elder Arnold is having a hard time being on the mission. To make it short. He doesn't want to be here. While Elder Higginbotham is working hard and losing his patience. I'm just going to try and let them both have a good time and calm some of the tension between them. Wish me luck family.
As for the week, we had a pretty normal week! Nothing too eventful--just tracting, teaching and bringing others unto Christ. Tuesday I got to do my first District meeting with my new District. Some of the companionships are having a hard time right now so I'm going to spend some time lifting them up and bringing them and getting them excited for the work. The zone leaders randomly just appeared aswell to the meeting. Todo bien. No me importa. 

After I got to do an exchange with Elder Chilcote, who I hadn't seen for a while and whom I've served around for basically my whole mission. He has grown so much as a missionary! We went into a lesson that I wasn't too prepared for and as it went on I realized that I didn't have a strong direction to go, but then Elder Chilcote took over and did an awesome job. We "soft-committed" our investigator to baptism and I'm going back this Tuesday with Elder Higginbotham and Elder Arnold to set a firm date. Let's get it on!

Aside from that it wasn't really a super eventful week. We went to a senior celebration night for two of the seniors on the soccer team that attend the branch. We had to drive clear out to the edge of our area to go there, but we went. It honestly was super weird being back at a high school. I just felt super uncomfortable. Then when we tried to tract there it got even more uncomfortable haha. We were asked to either stop or leave.

Easter was something amazing though! We listened to the wonderful talks from a family in the branch, la familia Sandres. They're so cool! They've got some really spiritual kids that are also really cool and remind me of all of us when we're together! Their dad gave the last talk and just spoke on the power of the Atonement and how members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we have a full knowledge of the Atonement. A full knowledge of how it blesses us, and how we can use it to better ourselves. It was an amazing talk.
I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week and remember that I love you all! Remember! The church is true, and the book is blue!
Elder Rodabough the second

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