Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Email sent April 7, 2014: Oh shoot...that was my knee cap!

Yes that is how I begin every email to President Wolfert if you were fearing that I might send that to someone else. This has been such a good, eventful, spiritual, and physically confrontational week! 

So, basically the week began pretty normally. Good church day on Sunday and since we can't really go to Athens during the week, Elder Bacon and I went around to a bunch of the members living here in Athens so that he could take a photo and have them write in his memory book. Then on Monday we went over to a cool member's house and played some tennis. It was Elder Rahmen's (Sounds like top-ramen haha) birthday so we had some fun with him as well. 
On Wednesday I went to the mission office and met my son--Elder Barney.  He's from Mesa Arizona and is actually really close friends with Elder Long who's served near me for a good portion from my mission. And actually Elder Bacon got Transfered to Johns creek where Elder Long is right now. Elder Barney is super awesome. He basically came pre-trained and my job is just show him how he can use his own abilities and apply them in the mission field. Also teach him a little spanish ;) He's a pretty good speaker and doesn't have a fear to speak, he just needs to know where we are in the lesson hahaha!  He actually really impressed me and taught me a really important lesson on Friday actually. We've been tracting in a trailer park that's full of hispanics, but has been tracted 3 times in the past 8 months or in other words, it's been hammered by missionaries. Despite that I wanted Elder Barney to get some experience tracting with hispanics, so we're doing it again. We've actually found a ton of people and  have about 4 new investigators from it! But anyway, we were teaching one of those new investigators and they had a ton of questions and a lot of concerns. I was doing my best to answer them with the Bible, the Book of Mormon and with pure logic. It wasn't going well. Then Elder Barney just stopped me in mid sentence and with the Spanish he knew, bore the sweetest, most pure testimony of the Restored Gospel and the blessings of it. After the family didn't say much, the husband agreed to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and to pray. It was such a cool experience,

Later that night we stopped by the Fort Yargo Elders apartment and all of the missionaries serving in the area were over there. Elder Court and Elder Rahmen were wrestling and we joined in the spectating. Then Elder Barney wanted a go at wrestling so Elder Rahmen offered. Elder Barney was doing super good and had Elder Rahmen about pinned when Elder Rahmen threw his leg back, popping Elder Barney's knee-cap out of place..... but he popped it right back into place! Elder Rahmen and Elder Court were lifeguards and pool medics so they helped him out. The next morning it was super swollen but he was up and around walking for conference. WHICH WAS AWESOME BY THE WAY!!!!! I loved conference so much! We watched in Winder will all of the other missionaries. I really like watching it in a church by the way instead of at home.  I really suggest it for those of you who aren't living in Utah. On Sunday we watched with the hispanic branch but there was devices to hear in English too. We had a huge dinner and Elder Barney got to meet everyone from the branch. It was in all a really good week :) 

I really loved what Elder Ballard spoke on about missionary work. Preach my Gospel really is the key to missionary work. To help the new missionaries get acquainted with it as quickly as possible, President Wolfert tells them that it along with the Book of Mormon are the only things they can read during their training. I encouage all of you to purchase a preach my gospel and begin reading it together. We've all been called to be missionaries, "Every member a missionary", and it's how we can learn to do the work we've been called to do.  Also, it's just the bee's knees!!! PMG is so awesome!!!!!!!!
Love you all,
Elder Rodabough the second

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