Monday, May 19, 2014

Email sent May 5, 2014: Trainer Meeting!

Well family there's not much to say for this week. We worked hard and found some cool potentials to contact for the week. Elder Barney leaves after this week so we've decided to send him off right. Completely exhausted!  This week though to explain the title of the email, we had the trainer/trainee follow-up meeting with President Wolfert. There's only 13 trainers so we were all together with President Wolfert. It was just a normal meeting, some trainings by Sister Wolfert, some by the assistants, President talked about the 12 weeks program for new missionaries. We went to lunch where Sister Wolfert pulled me aside and she shared with me the emails that she was sharing with dad back and forth. Then after the meeting it got really interesting.
So we split up, trainers in one room, greenies in the other, and the first thing President says to us is, "Ok Elders this room is like Hades so we're going to get casual, take off your jackets." We all got relaxed and President then looked at both of the doors to the room and said, "Close those doors we don't want your companions to hear what we're going to talk about next." He then told us to just have a venting session where we just voiced what annoyed us about our companions. I actually didn't have a thing to say. I've been pretty dang blessed to have Elder Barney as a Greenie. I'm just sad that he has to leave me :( The rest of the meeting went fine and dandy and it was just fun.
Aside from that it was just a normal week in the mission.  Sorry I'm not very informative lately, I'm just in a place where nothing really happens much aside from the normal. Well I have been having some fun messing with Elder Barney at night. Nothing to bad. Just an occasional pounce onto his bed to scare him. 

I'm so glad to hear about Bailey's updates and that she's doing well.  You've been in the prayers of many missionaries around the world Bailey--Adam, Noah, Nate, Josh and Matt, and all of the elders serving around me. And Sister Wolfert was praying for you too and she's a saint! So I'm glad that you're improving :)

Love  you all so much! Have a good week!

Elder Rodabough, the second 
aka Good ole' rebel. 

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