Monday, May 19, 2014

Email sent April 28, 2014: Crazy Baptismal Interviews

Well guys. I'm just not really sure what to write this week. I'm just sort of feeling a little helpless. I am grateful that you did let me know about Bailey, I honestly would be really upset if you didn't tell me. But I just don't know what to do. I want to go and help. I just don't know what to do. Thank you though family. Thank you or being together through problems. I'm so grateful that we can all be together for eternity. Because to be honest, seeing families that don't have that is sad, but seeing families that don't even want to be together is just heartbreaking. And I've seen plenty of those out here. So basically, I just want you all to know that i love you all, each and everyone of you. With all my heart! I'm so grateful that we have each other to stand together, and to be there for one another. 
This week was very eye opening. Elder Barney came back from Provo on Wednesday and we went on exchange together the Thursday night after a baptismal interview I did for the Oconee Athens Elders. They had two baptisms this past Sunday and they went crazy. First off in the interview, the lady had to be interviewed by a member of the Mission Presidency and during the interview she apparently started speaking Hebrew for a schpeel. President Joyner, stopped her and asked if she knew what was going on. She explained that it's her past ancestors talking through her and guiding her. But she then explained that she's also schizophrenic haha. President Joyner felt impressed to give her a blessing and the other elders joined him. During the blessing he apparently told whatever spirits were in her to leave and afterwards she started twitching for a little bit! But after she seemed so much more calm. 
Aside from that we've just having a good ol' time here in Winder. Sorry I don't have to much to write about. But I'm still just a little startled about the whole incident with Bailey. I'll keep you in my prayers Bailey and I'll ask some of the other elders to include you in their prayers as well. Love you all so much! Look forward to talking to you guys on the 10th. We'll work it out today with the members and we'll tell you our plan next week! 

Love you so much family!
Elder Rodabough the second

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