Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Email sent on September 29, 2014: Well We Jumped Our Car 9 Times This Week...oh and a Baptism!!!!

Well family it's been a pretty long week if I do say so myself. The week started off normal and we went around doing some good work. Last week we received a call from the brother of an active member telling us that he would like to be baptized and we were freaking out. So we taught him a lesson this week and it went really good. His name is Jorge and to be honest we're not so sure about his intentions for being baptized since his first question was if he had to be a member to marry a member since there's a woman in the branch he's checking out.... But he also has a lot of questions about God and the Savior so we think he's legit.
Then on Friday I had the chance to go on an exchange with Elder Angilau! He graduated from Bingham with me and  we've served around each other mulitple times and now he's my Zone Leader. Guys, he's such a wonderful man. He's so humble, calm and has just a wonderfully pure heart. We updated each other about those from Bingham that we still write and everyone seems to be doing good. The funniest part was at night when we were going around to meet some members that Elder Angilau doesn't know and we stopped in on this sister in a wheelchair. There wasn't a male present so we couldn't stay, but as we were leaving I had a strong prompting to offer a prayer with her, but ignored the feeling. It didn't go away so I mentioned it to Elder Angilau when we were at the bottom of the drive way. He said he'd had the same feeling and then trying to be funny and over dramatic intentionally he tossed the keys in the air and kicked the air at the same time. But unintentionally, he ended up kicking the keys into a huge hedgerow and out of sight. We then spent the next 20 minutes looking for the keys and laughing since it was so funny. We eventually had to swallow our pride and ask the member whose house we had just left, for a flashlight. We found the keys and offered a prayer, the member laughing the whole time.

When we got back from exchange, that's when the problems started happening..... While I was with Elder Angilau in his area, Elder Auelua, Elder Long, and Elder Angilau's companion, Elder Denton, were busy jumping the car 3 times in the space of 2 hours.... For the rest of the Saturday we ended up having to jump the car whenever we turned it off. We traded with the Zone Leader's last week for their huge mini-van so we can have more room for Elder Auelua and to haul around some Elders that live near us. Apparently there's a faulty battery or alternator and we can't be seen by the dealership until Tuesday.  Oh well. Life goes on.

We did have a wonderful experience Saturday! We had the baptism of Charlie Meyers! He and his mother have been investigating ever since Charlie went to scout camp with the branch. He's 12 and is such a cool kid! He's in a robotics club at his high school and takes advanced math. He remembers everything he's taught and has strong friends in the branch. There was another baptism going on at the same time which we didn't know about so we ended up using the font first. When Charlie got baptized I guess somehow the drain got unplugged and was draining before the next baptism. We were about 20 minutes ahead of the other service so Elder Long and I figured we should just turn on the water and it should fill up a little bit more and then turn it off right when the others went into the font. We went about our merry way and sat in the rest of Charlie's service, but as I was sitting there I was super nervous about the font overfilling. I just shrugged it off and told myself to calm down. I then had a huge prompting to go check on the font. I got up and ran into the bathroom where the controls to the font are and heard people saying, "Where are the controls? The water is about to overflow!" hahahah The water was about to come over the top step and into the bathroom and so I ran past everyone and turned it off. haha Thanks Spirit, you always help me out.

That's about it for my week guys! I love you all so much! have a good week!

Elder Rodabough

Elder Rodabough and Elder Long 

Eder Auelua, Elder Rodabough and Elder Long

Elder Auelua, Elder Hanson, Charlie, Elder Long and Elder Rodabough at Charlie's Baptism

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