Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Email sent September 22, 2014: Cherokee Area and A Good Transfer Week

Dear Family,
A good transfer week if I do say so myself. Elder Long, Elder Auelua and I had a good week together and the work here in Cherokee is everything that I dreamed it would be. Thanks to Elder Long who for the past two transfers just tracted and tracted to find people to teach we have lots of investigators and lots of people close to baptism. Elder Auelua and I are shocked and excited! 

On Saturday in the Branch, which half of the members speak English anyways, we had El Dia de Naciones! This is The Day of Nations Party that we had in Roswell last year when I was still being trained. It was a lot smaller this year since the English wards were not invited to participate due to the small size of the branch.  Despite that it was still a night full of latin food, music, and humor. The Latinos have a pretty weird sense of  humor if I do say so myself. My favorite skit was this young married couple from Peru who had this box "machine" that if you tossed something in it would return doubled in size. Really the husband was just sitting inside the box throwing the stuff back out. The wife threw some children's pants, some dimes which turned into a dollar bill and a candy bar. The last thing she threw was a baby doll for some reason. This made the machine stop working and it fell over and the brother jumped out wearing a diaper and pacifier and ran around the room. It was pretty funny actually.

Then on Sunday we had our investigators at church. There's a mother and son pair that are Americans and don't speak a lick of Spanish, but want to attend the branch more than the ward since they feel more welcome and the son has friends there. They're received all the lessons and her son has a date for this Saturday, but she has some doubts still. She says she wants to learn more but we think there's something else. Either way she learned a heck of a lot during the Gospel Principles class on Sunday. She was the only person that attended, and so Elder Auelua and I translated for her. The teacher gets up to teach and I ask, "What chapter are we in?" to which he responds, "I don't really follow the book to a T.  I basically teach what I think the class needs to hear." I responded with, "Ok... so what are we going to learn about?" "The Great Apostasy" he replied, and man did he teach the Great Apostasy.  He went into the historical background, the organizational side of it about how the Church of Christ was formed and our investigator is coming from being a Roman Catholic. So after class, she had a lot of questions. She seemed very content and wants to learn more. 

That was basically our week! I love you guys so much! Have a wonderful week and Pray on!

Elder Rodabough the second

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