Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Email sent September 15, 2014: It is Great to be Back!

Just a quick note:  Bryce was home in South Jordan from August 7, 2014-September 10, 2014 to have surgery on his jaw.  This is his first email after returning to his mission.

Hello Everyone,
Well family it's been quite the interesting week if I do say so myself.
So on Wednesday on my flight to Georgia there were like 20 other brand new missionaries. When I say brand new I don't mean, MTC trained, but like heading to the MTC brand new. The majority of them were going to the England MTC and were just so filled with nervous excitement. I sat next to one on the flight out. He sat on my right and a woman who wasn't a member sat on my left. So my thoughts are, "Sweet, I have 3 1/2 hours to drag out this contact and do all that I want. I can be casual." Nope--every time I was trying to tie a conversation into the Gospel, the little missionary sitting next to me would perk up and add in. He was doing his best which I was super proud of, but he just sort of killed it at times hahaha. He's going to be a good missionary though, he has such a pure heart.

When I landed in Georgia the Residori's picked me up and we went to an early dinner and then we drove back to the Mission Home since President Bennion wanted to "Debrief" me about the MTC and what went down there. He also had me over for dinner with Sister Bennion. We had a great conversation and then he took me over to the Assistants apartment where I was when there was a glorious reuniting of Elder Coleman and Elder Smith. Love those guys. Then from Thursday-Sunday I was shipped out to Peachtree Corners South English speaking to fill in for Elder Court who was needed in the office for technical support. So I was with Elder Bowers, who's currently being trained by Elder Court. He's the nicest guy ever!! He's like a gentle giant since he's like 6'2 and 300 lbs. It was fun to watch him ride a bike because he's surprisingly fast for a big guy.  The area is the same as my first area, so I was able to go and see Vivi!!!!!! She's grown up so much and I started to cry when I saw her and sorry Dad but I was a little bit disobedient since I gave her the biggest hug ever! She's grown up so much and still attends church on a regular basis. It really did my heart good to see her. It made me feel like a good missionary :)

Sunday and today I've been with the Assistants. Yesterday for dinner we went to a members house called the Dennises. They are famous in the mission for a food challenge they offer called "THE LAW" which consists of two huge plates of Haitian food, a bowl of fruit, a slice of carrot cake, and 10 snickers ice cream bars--that's just to complete the law. The competitive part of the law is how many snickers ice cream bars you can eat after you get past 10. The record for the most ice cream bars is 24, including the 10. Elder Auelua is the record keeper. He's a huge Hawaiian boy that Elder Galvez trained before he trained me. I am not ever going to try to challenge that at all.  I would most definitely throw up!  Then we were in the mission office until 2am getting the logistics for transfers figured out. I just read in the Book of Mormon or wrote letters. 
Luckily President Bennion allows the assistants to sleep in the Monday after transfer calls, so we actually slept in till 10am hahaha we didn't intend to go that long, but it just sort of happened.  We then made all the transfer calls and it was funny since typically the new assistant makes the transfer calls. Elder Smith and Elder Coleman wanted the calls to go faster so they had me make calls so now there's a rumor going around the mission that I'm the new assistant. Oh wait, I haven't told you where I'm going....

I'm off to Cherokee Spanish! It's in the Kennesaw Ward area and is the only Spanish area in the Marietta Zone. I'm going to be in a trio with Elder Auelua and Elder Long. Auelua and I are on special assignment to see if a second area can be opened in the zone to accommodate the high number of Spanish missionaries. If there is we'll open the area in next transfer. Everyone says that there is a good number of Spanish people in the Northern part of the zone so we will most likely go up there. They just don't want another Winder Spanish area where there's no Hispanics and they eventually have to close down the area. 

That's basically it for me! Tomorrow we pick up the new missionaries and then Wednesday I'm off to Cherokee! I love all of you so much!

Elder Rodabough

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