Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Email sent October 14, 2014: Lehi's Dream Team, oh and I got to use a Chainsaw!

Hey family!!!

Sorry my letter is a day late! They changed our P-day to Tuesday this week since yesterday was Columbus ay and all the libraries were closed. 

So this week we had an awesome Zone training meeting on Wednesday. It was the first Zone meeting where I had Elder Angilau and Elder Denton as my Zone leaders and they are so cool. I've already talked about the super Christ-like guy Elder Angilau is, but Elder Denton is just as Spiritual. He's a convert of two years and has probably one of the coolest conversion stories I've ever heard. The Spirit was really prevalent during the whole meeting and it was super funny since right before the meeting the sisters in my District made us headbands in honor of our new District name. "Lehi's Dream Team". So we wore them the whole meeting and then at the very end the Sister Training Leaders gave us all little handmade swords and we all sang "Behold a Royal Army" and waved our swords around in the air. 
Lehi's Dream Team
After Zone meeting I went on exchange with Elder Bloomfield in my District. I went to his area on bike and had to use his bike since his companion is so huge I couldn't even ride his bike!! It was nice to be on bike for a day--working hard and all. Elder Auelua, Elder Long, and Elder Croasdell came and grabbed us after doing service and we went to lunch. Afterwards we all ended up at our apartment.
We went and taught Jorge, our investigator with a date for Nov. 1st a lesson and finished the remaining parts of The Restoration and the Gospel that we hadn't gotten to afterwards. he understood everything and keeps getting more and more excited with the things he learns. 

Friday we had a lesson with Charlie Meyers sister, Mom, and Him. Charlie was baptized about 2 weeks ago and his mother still hasn't made the decision. Our intent of the lesson was to help Angi, the mother, realize that she has enough light to walk by and make decisions. So we decided to watch the "Patterns of Light" videos by David A. Bednar. Lucy came to a lesson for the first time and she sat through the videos and felt The Spirit really strong. We taught all about the Holy Ghost and invited her to be baptized. She agreed and we set a Goal Date of Nov. 8th. We might need to move it around with some things in their schedule, but she seems pretty interested!!!

On Saturday I also learned how to operate a chainsaw! We went all lumberjack and got to help a member cut down two monster trees in his yard and haul the branches to his back yard. We were there for about 6 hours and afterwards we were so exhausted! 
Sunday Lucy came to church and Jorge came for the classes. They both really enjoyed it. Afterwards we had interviews with President Bennion. It was pretty enlightening since he bascially told me there's only about 4 Spanish Elders in the mission he trusts to train and I'm one of them. So there's a high chance I might be training this next transfer instead of opening up the new Spanish area in Canton, the northern part of the Zone/Stake. 

I love you guys so much! I'm so greatful for all of your emails and love! Have a good week!

Elder Rodabough the second 

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