Monday, October 27, 2014

Email sent October 20, 2014: Another Good Week

We've actually had good week this week! We had the chance to teach Lucy twice this week. She's the sister of a recent convert and her mother has been investigating the church for about 4 months now. We finished teaching her the Plan of Salvation on Thursday and then taught her the Restoration after church yesterday. Angie, the mother is doing good as well, she just has some fears as to whether or not she's making the right decision about letting her kids be baptized and whether or not she should be baptized. After sacrament she was crying and we took her into a side room with a member who's been fellowshipping her and gave her a blessing. Afterwards we started talking and she basically has been going through the whole, "My children are growing up and I can't be there to care for and protect them all the time" thing that I think all mothers go through. Lucy is 14 and Charlie is 12. So basically a mother midlife crisis. She just needed to vent for a while and so we just sat, listened, and taught for about 2 hours. 

On Friday we also went up to the Tennessee-Georgia Boarder to talk to a less active member that is only less active since he lives an hour and a half from the church. He's going to be moving soon so we went up and talked to him and read some scriptures with him. Then on the way back down we stopped in Canton GA to follow-up on some referrals that we have and look for some places to tract since President Bennion is considering opening up the Canton Spanish area for the first time. There's... work to do for now. But honestly I'm afraid of another Winder area happening. We'll just see what happens. 

With our investigator Jorge though, we had a huge surprise this week. I don't know if I've ever mentioned anything about Jorge the past transfer but he's the brother of a member who attends the branch. He called us a few weeks ago telling us about his desire to be baptized. At first we were ecstatic, but as the lessons have gone on we feel as though he's doing it for the wrong reasons. His parents are going to be in town at the end of the month and he wants his father to baptize him, and we've been starting to think that that's the reason why he wants to be baptized. So to try and clear some things up, this past Saturday we went over with the plan to go over the baptismal interview questions with him. It didn't work out. We were halfway through the questions when a problem came up. We then spent the next hour and a half listening to him explain the problems that he's faced, or currently facing in life. We would've been fine if it hadn't been for the fact that he then told the same story again, and then again, each time adding or taking away little facts to make the story seem a little different. We explained to Jorge that he would need to be interviewed by someone who has more authority than us and he did not react to that well. He gave us back The Restoration DVD we had just given him and said, "Until I have this interview and this man tells me that I can be baptized I'm not going to learn anymore. Which we felt was just an overreaction.
Saturday we also finished up lumberjacking all the trees in Hermano Strougo's yard like we did last week. It was long and hard but we got it done. It's just started getting cold here the past couple days, but has been sort of bipolar here and we have a cold spell, and then jumps back up to 75 degrees for another couple days. Which still isn't as hot as it usually is, which is a blessing! If you decide to come back here, we should do so around this time of year when the entire state turns red yellow and orange. you'd love it mom!

I love you all so much. 

Elder Rodabough 

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