Monday, October 27, 2014

Email sent October 27, 2014: There are Mexican Medical Clinics in the US of A!

This week we had an interesting time. Since I'm in a trio right now and there's only one other companionship of elders in my district I decided to go on exchange with both of the Sandy Plains elders in their own area. Usually we switch areas but since I could just go to their area and not have a problem it sounded like a good plan. I really liked going actually! It was sort of interesting tracting with Elder Croasdell and Elder Bloomfield. They're both really new in the mission and so it was sort of fun to watch them struggle a bit haha not in a sick way but just in a "Yeah I remember that" kind of way. That same night we went up to Canton to a part member couple that the wife has basically been a dry Mormon for like 5 years now and hasn't been baptized. She told us that she felt like this was the time to be baptized and so we are going back Tuesday to teach the first lesson and put her on date for baptism. 

Thursday we had the baptism of an 8-year old who's mother just randomly said on Sunday that they were having his baptism on Thursday and asked Elder Long to baptize him. We got there on Thursday and nobody was there at the starting time. Typical for Hispanics.... But another 45 minutes went by and only like 15 people were there. We knew we just needed to get started and so we started the service. At the point of baptism, Elder Long and Christian, the kid, got into the water and Elder Long decided to really make sure he wouldn't have to do it again so he basically picked the kid up and shoved him under the water. The kids comes up out of the water looks at Elder long and then says, "DOUCHE!!!" and then walked out of the font hahahaha we were laughing so hard. 

Friday we were all feeling a little sick, Elder Auelua feeling the worst. Two members of the Branch work at a doctors office not to far from us so we went down. We got there and were honestly confused as to whether or not we were in the right place. There were plastic patio chairs for the waiting room and when they called us back we were put into a closet--I mean literally a closet. There was a sliding door like for a pantry as our door. Basically it looked like what I imagine the clinic in Mexico looked like mom and dad. The bed was a gurney from the 1970's or 60's, and the doctor is a really religious guy so there were crosses and pictures of the Virgin Mary everywhere. We ended up waiting for 2 hours for the doctor to come to our room and when he did, it was so worth the wait. So the doctor comes walking in and he's wearing a hunting vest and carrying a flashlight. He sits down and starts talking to us about our missions and asks where we're from. He asks Elder long and then explains all about the time he's spent in Arizona. Then he asks Elder Auelua and talks to him for another 10 minutes about his experiences there. He pulls out the flashlight, looks down our throats, and then listens to our chests, tells us more about Jesus, writes some prescriptions and then we left. But not before he gave us a painting of Jesus for our apartment. He was such a nice guy and didn't charge us anything for his service.
Auelua didn't want to leave the apartment the rest of the day and Elder Bloomfield was also sick. So Elder Long and I grabbed Elder Croasdell and we went and did some work and then helped with the English ward's Halloween party. We three were in charge of the Doughnut eating contest and it was super fun. Then we all got into a pie eating contest and Elder Croasdell won with a record setting 23 seconds. It was a fun time.

Saturday, Elder Auelua continued to feel sick so Elder Long and I napped for a bit, then we went out to the car and put all of the Gel window clings you sent on the windshield and now call our car "The Nut Van". Good times. Later that night we went to the Branch's Halloween party and did some trunk or treating. We ran out of candy so we ended up giving photos of the temple and Christ out to all the kids. I really love the Cherokee Branch. The members here are so cool and amazing. 

Sunday we had the chance to teach Lucy again. We taught her the Gospel and Angie her mom and Charlie her brother sat in on the lesson with us. The lesson went really good and at the end Lucy wanted to change her date for some week in January. We talked to her about the fact that if she begins putting off her date the Adversary will have more chances to keep her from being baptized. We also were talking to Angie because she's been putting off her date for quite some time. After we testified of baptism and the blessings, they both agreed for the 6th of December! The Lord really is blessing us and changing the hearts of our investigators.

That's about it for this week! I love you all so much and know that you're all in my heart, mind and prayers. 

Elder Rodabough the second

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