Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Email sent March 16, 2015: The Suarez Family Baptism

Well team, the best thing that happened this week was the baptism of the Suarez family! So I'll focus a bit more on that than the other days of the week. Basically we tracted and found some crazy Jewish Guatemalan guy that played us bahmitzva music for the first 20 minutes of our lesson. Remind me to show you that video when I get home.

The Suarez baptism was actually a really sweet experience. We'd been preparing the whole week this past week getting everything ready. Usually with a baptism there is always one thing that goes wrong so I was expecting something the whole time. But as the baptism got started nothing had happened! The service was great, the fellowshipper of the Suarez's gave a beautiful talk about the process of baptism and it's purpose. Then we had the baptism which went awesome! Secret time: I have a huge fear of watching someone get baptized. I'm always worried that something is going to go wrong, so of course I was asked to be a witness for the baptisms. Then the youth sang the Youth Theme for 2014 "Come unto Christ" and it was really beautiful. 

Aside from that that was the highlight of our week! We have Elder wick of the 70 coming to the mission to do a mission tour. We have about three meetings with him this week so we probably won't get a whole lot of proselyting done... But we are going to work hard!  I Love you all so much! 

Elder Rodabough the second
PS: Best quote from Elder Swingler this week:  "So my two main goals right now are 1. Finish my mission and 2. Be bigger than Van Halen and be a guitar master." 

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