Monday, March 9, 2015

Email sent March 9, 2015: I Got Food Poisoning

So yeah I got food poisoning this week the day of transfers. That wasn't fun at all. So we ate with a family from the English ward this week that I knew from Sugar Hill. We ate Tuesday right before transfers and the meat she served us was questionable at best... But she said she worked in a French restaurant so we didn't question. She didn't mention why she said "Worked" instead of "Work" however... But anyways. I woke up on Wednesday morning throwing up... And then I had to go to the mission office and grab my new missionary. Elder Galvez drove me actually! So I had the chance to say goodbye to him before he left. He should be up in Utah in two months and so I hope he comes and sees you guys!

My new missionary's name is Elder Swingler. He's from the US but spent 10 years in Columbia growing up until he was 16. He speaks amazing Spanish so I don't have to worry about teaching him anything. He really likes anime and lots of other things that I've never done before. But alas, he has a great desire to work and so I will use that to build our relationship and work hard.

I'm so sorry I don't have anything to write.... I will have so much after this week though!!! The Suarez's baptism will be this Saturday!  Keep them in your prayers! You are all in mine and I know that the Lord is watching over us :)

Elder Rodabough

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