Monday, September 2, 2013

Elder Rodabough leaves for Atlanta

They're letting me write today and I will try to call tomorrow either in Atlanta or Mexico. If it's Atlanta, shoot for around 12 noon. That's in Atlanta time so you'll have to figure that out. If it's Mexico....It'll be more like 4 am in the morning, which is like 3 am in the morning for you. My bus from the CCM leaves at 3am and then my flight leaves at 7am. I'm not so sure how Atlanta airport is going to work honestly.  By that I mean that the two other elders reporting in with me are eating lunch with their teacher who's flying back with us. I have to stick with them so I might just get dragged along, but if that happens I'll call.  I hope President Wolfert allows me to call or at least email.

Speaking of earliness--this morning I got up at 2:45 am to walk Elder Adams and Christensen to the bus and then I waited half an hour for Hermana De La Vega to get on her bus. I got up again at 5:45 am to say goodbye to two elders that live in our casa and then me and one of their old companions walked back to the casa and slept till 6:45 am.  Hermana Winters left at 2 pm in the afternoon for her flight to El Salvador and tomorrow it's my turn. I'm worried that I'm going to be exhausted, but I'll just sleep on the plane. The rest of our district (Elders Jordan, Clark, Owen and Jones) along with 15 other Elders y Hermanas are on my flight along with a handful of American teachers that are heading back to Provo for the semester. Both of my teachers--Hermana Sherwood y Hermano Russell will be the flight with us. Hermano Russell is going to be an Apostle someday, so there's no way we're going down. Sadly however, Elder Marchello has to stay behind a day and leaves Wednesday.  He's the only one staying for an extra day. He also got evicted from our room (ha ha) he has to stay in a casa across the CCM.

Yesterday was Fast Sunday, and we had testimony meeting in our branch. We're down a district, so there's only 4 (Districts A,C,D and E), but it was still a very full meeting. I loved hearing all the testimonies in Spanish, English, and Spanglish (ha ha). Then we had a devotional video given by Elder Todd Christofferson of the Twelve and a class with President Pratt about the Atonement and Grace. It was all very interesting.

I got the coolest souvenir here in Mexico. The head maintenance guy here at the CCM is named Melquisidek, (same as Melchizedek) and he makes leather scripture cases with pictures that he cuts into the leather by hand.  He also puts your name, a scripture, and your mission on the cover and sizes them to whatever scripture size you want. I got a case for my Spanish quad and it's so cool!  My favorite moment was when he was over at our casa getting our orders one of the boys asked him if he'd been a member his whole life. To which he replied, "My name is Melquisidek. Of course I've been a member my whole life." He made me a scripture case and I put D&C 121:7-8 in Spanish (Which I can read) on the back. On the front is a profile carving of a Mayan guy holding either a scroll of scripture, or a flute or a pipe. We're still not sure but it looks awesome.

Anyway I’ll call tomorrow when I get the chance. I love you so much and know that I am happy with what I'm doing and what I will be able to do. My teacher Hermano Russell today told me, "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't baptize. Don't let anyone tell you an area isn't good. When you get to a new area, don't ask what has been done, ask the lord what he needs to be done."

Elder Rodabough the second


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