Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013: A Difficult Week

This week has been a difficult one but I know that this coming week will be better.

 We have an investigator who has a problem with being a bisexual and she doesn't seem to really understand how that it could be a bad thing all that much. We taught her a little bit about the Law of Chastity and she responded very well to the first half, about marriage and keeping our bodies sacred and safe. But then we had to go and I didn't get a chance to talk to her about her problem. Elder Galvez was a little upset with me for not bringing it up sooner. I was really wondering why he would be upset since it is a very sensitive subject. But this is how he explained it--She trusts us and to beat around the bush for a period of time and feel awkward about bringing it up, then that's not having trust in the relationship. Next time we meet with her we're going to address her problem and show our love and the Savior's love for her and that he wants what is best for her.

And now for some other details…. 

Every day we go running for about 3 miles (yes, I can now run three miles straight without stopping), however I don't seem to be losing weight.  Probably due to the fact that sometimes we get fed twice a day by investigators and members alike. These people are so friendly!  They feed us lots of tamales.  For breakfast I have some cereal and toaster waffles. THE DOLLAR STORE IS SO GREAT!!! I have so many boxes of blueberry toaster waffles and for so cheap. Dad you taught me well!!!!

They sent Elder Loertscher home on Saturday. He had a seizure and hit his head and can't remember anything beyond age 15.  That's so sad. He wanted more than anything to serve the Lord with all his heart for 2 years. I also wonder how Collin is doing.

This week should be a doozy. I’m leading all the discussions and doing all the contacting because I feel like I haven't been growing at all and that I'm the same as when I left the MTC. Elder Galvez is determined to help me grow and to have my faith grow.


Elder Rodabough--the second

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