Monday, September 9, 2013

First Week in the North Atlanta Mission


Things are great, but very difficult. This past week we had a girl commit to be baptized but we can't find out where she lives now!!  She moved to a new apartment in a new complex.  We don't know which apartment is her apartment .  Her name is Ana Rojas and she's the sweetest girl. She's 18 with two little kids. That happens a lot out here. We taught a 17 year old girl with a little boy yesterday.

The spirit out here is so strong!! The people are so ready to receive the gospel and I love the members of my ward. There's a Spanish branch called the Norcross branch which has 160 members but only 40 active! I'm actually in the Peachtree corners area not the John's Creek area like I said--ha ha. Sorry my bad.  I love doing the work and meeting people they are so nice!!!   Elder Galvez and I live with just us two and yes, I did get your package. I catch Elder Galvez eating my cliff bars a lot ha ha ha. Our apartment is super nasty since the elders before us were apparently pretty lazy but going through some hard times. 
On Saturday we were walking around.  We drive mostly though.  I haven't ridden my bike once!  Anyway, we were walking around and a guy stopped us and invited us into his friend's house to his son's birthday party and we ate some tacos.  He didn't allow us to talk about the church. Then we left, but they all were so nice!  I do my best to speak Spanish but its so hard. Elder Galvez does 99% of the talking and I just lag behind and say something here and there. I'm honestly pretty down about it.  It's been a hard week with the language, but I know that if I lose myself in the work the Lord will help me .I'm fine and am being fed daily with no dangers experienced so far.

I love you so much mom and I hope that your cleaning abilities will help me out later when we clean our apartment.  I'm so thankful for all the lessons you and Dad taught me. I see how much you both helped me and loved me now that I'm in the field. I'm sorry we didn't get to talk much on Tuesday, but know that I was holding back tears the whole time because I love you so much. I don't think I'll have time to write Dad and Bailey but tell them I love them with all my heart!!!  I'm so terrible. I emailed 3 other people before I emailed you guys...... I'm so sorry. But know that next week you'll be the first person I email  and then President Wolfert, who is a great guy by the way.
Elder Rodabough the second.

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