Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013: Feeling better about the language and learning to be a missionary

Forgive me if I leave anything out.  I have a lot to write!!!
This week has been, not difficult but it has had its challenges just like every week will I assume. I had the chance to give the Joseph Smith part of the first lesson "La Restauracion" twice in the same day and while it wasn't perfect I have the First Vision memorized so that I can give that part. One guy I taught had lots of questions about prophets and Joseph Smith right after I finished. I thought he was really feeling the gospel, but as I listened to his questions I realized it was because I didn't explain as well as I thought ha ha ha, but I still was so grateful for the opportunity to share that message that has changed the world.

Our apartment has gotten somewhat better this past week. Elder Galvez washed our shower curtain today. Apparently it's white!  I hope it doesn't give us some sort of disease ha ha ha, but we got a new vacuum from the Zone leaders and so we should be good.  So don't send a cleaning crew, we are gone the whole day so we don't have time to be there. Oh, and it's against the rules--that too.
This week has been great, but this past Sunday was a hard day for me. We've been teaching a 16 year old girl named G (note: We are not using the name of investigators on the blog) and she was progressing amazingly.  On Sunday when we went to go see if she was coming to church she informed us that when she asked her mom if she could go her mother wasn't too happy. She had a prior experience with church members who drew on her St. Mary picture when she told them she was Catholic.  G then told us that her mother told her not to keep talking to us and to give the Book of Mormon, which she was reading every day and asking questions about frequently, back.  It was heart breaking, but we're going to see if we can stop by someday and talk to her mother about it. G has four younger siblings who are the sweetest little kids ever. There are 3 little girls all under 10 that just love Elder Galvez and climb all over him every time they see him no matter how much he tries to get them off. Please pray for G and her mother. Please.  She really needs help because her life the past year has just been awful. Their dad left them and was a drunk and her mother works from 6am and gets home at 11pm every night leaving G to take care of them.  I know that the power of prayer is extremely helpful and can truly be felt across the world no matter where you are.

We had another investigator who had committed to attend church but never showed up, and wasn't home when we stopped by after to see if we could teach him a lesson.  But we still have a lot of people that we can teach and talk to. Elder Galvez was complaining yesterday that we were so busy and didn't have a chance to go meet more people. I responded with "I know!  Isn't it wonderful?" We are talking to so many people and sharing the Gospel. 
The language is still coming along. Elder Galvez helps me feel strong when I talk about how little I’m learning. I've really progressed a lot. I've gone from getting every 8th word to every 4th word--improvement.

Keep loving the Lord and please, please turn to him when you need help. If you're feeling small and weak then turn to the lord. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.
Much Love to all I miss you guys!

Elder Rodabough the Second

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