Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Email sent December 16, 2013: Work=Success

So basically, all we listen to here is the Lower Lights (a note--the Lower Lights is a group of Mormon recording artists who perform hymns in a folk music fashion. They are very popular in Utah). All the missionaries know about them and if they don't, they beg other elders to burn them CD's of all their stuff. I've felt a little bit like a hipster in that regard since, well, I knew them first hahaha
But this week I did get the package. I was super suprised actually!!!! I took lots of photos but, I left my camera in the car.... sorry. But know that the tree is up and I'll send pictures the next week. 
This week has been a little bit of a challenge. Elder Mayo has had pretty passive companions for most of his mission and so he's been trying to play keep-up with me the past two weeks. He likes the work we're doing and was suprised at how many people are progressing. Really the lesson I've learned this week is work=success. You do what is asked of us, give it your all and the Lord will bless us with success or will bless us some other way.
Really one experience which was cool was on Saturday. Elder Mayo was sick the whole day so we were going a little bit slower. Things were falling through and no one wanted to really talk to us. Earlier that day, our zone leaders had left a voicemail saying that when we go out pray for and expect miracles to happen. We pulled into a complex that we were going to try for the first time and I asked if we could say a little prayer. We said one and I asked the Lord to help us find someone to talk to. The second we finished I looked down at the pamphlet I had been carrying around all day and hadn't looked at. It had a name, address and phone number of someone in the very same complex we were in. I got out and asked a woman who was passing by if she knew the person on the pamphlet and then she invited us over in two weeks to come and share something with her. Her daughter is a member and she has two granddaughters serving missions.  Then we went to the address and the people had moved. There was another address on the pamphlet and so we tried that one. Also had moved... But as we were walking back downstairs we heard some hispanic people yelling so we knocked on their door,. We asked if we could leave a blessing on their home and they invited us rtght in! We left the blessing and then they talked to us for a little bit. Then we left. The Lord really does want to help us! Sometimes we just need to ask for it before he'll give it.
We've got a baptism planned this Sunday for a part member family. The mother, son and niece that lives with them were baptized a month ago in Orem and then moved out here. The mother is the sister of an investigator we already have and because of her example, our investigator really wants to be baptized. Sadly we've got to work through some mexican divorce stuff first...... But the husband of the other family wants to be baptized so we plan on having his baptism after church on Sunday! Really we were so blessed to find this family and to help them out. They just got an apartment and literally they have a table and a mattress--nothing else. President Markos the branch president has enlisted the help of the English ward to help us out. We're going over later today to give all the stuff to them that the English ward got together!
Hey Mom, I also have a question. They don't have a Christmas tree.  I was wondering if you guys could put some money on my card to get them a little fake tree at Walmart for $30? I fixed my shirts so you don't need to worry about that, but I really want to give this family something to make this Christmas special. I don't think they have any money to get gifts....
Love Elder Rodabough the second.

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