Monday, December 30, 2013

Email sent December 30, 2013: We had 61 contacts during Christmas Week!

It was quite wonderful indeed to talk to the whole family. I plan on sending Bailey an email and a card for her birthday, but I forgot to get a card when we were at Walmart. This has been a very driving sort of day, drove to Lilburn to drop off baptismal record, then to Walmart, and now we have to go drive some other elders back to their apartment.
This week was a little hard to be honest with the whole Christmas thing--not that I was really homesick, but mostly because no one really wanted to talk to us.   Elder Mayo and I worked hard to talk to people and teach some lessons. We had 61 contacts this week and the zone average was about 45 so I'm very proud of us for getting out there even when the odds are against us, Elder Mayo and I are working hard and keeping our heads up.  We'll do our two hours of tracting everyday, we'll do our best to teach lessons everyday, and we'll do our best to bring others unto Christ everyday.  There's nothing I would rather be doing right now. We were talking about what we would be doing if we weren't on the mission and I realized--nothing. I would be doing nothing if I wasn't here. This is the time I have and I decided long ago that i was going to use all of it working to help others

Yesterday we had the baptism of S and it was wonderful. Everything went as planned and she was so happy to finally be baptized! I'll send some pictures in another email. She's pretty tiny, like smaller than Madison but she's so wonderful.  Her brother was the one who baptized her and he was so grateful for our help. She's the last one to be baptized of all of her siblings so she completed the family!   
This next week I'll probably be transferred out of Peach Tree Corners, and into another area. I've loved being here but I've started getting a little stir crazy. I haven't seen another area or worked in anything other than Peachtree so I want to get out and serve somewhere else. I won't know till next week where I go but I'll work hard wherever it is. I just don't want to work in Johns Creek hahahaha. That's like the black hole of missionary work. President Wolfert "Emergency Transferred" out two companionships in two different areas two weeks ago. That's an entire stake without Spanish speaking missionaries. They went Dirt Biking on a weekday and when President found out he was... not happy. So odds are I'll be serving there. It'll either be Gainsville or Bufford in the Sugar Hill Stake. I'm not sure actually. I'm just sort of guessing.  I'll know by this time next week.
Seriously? The house got a little flooded? That's a bummer. But hey! You get a new kitchen floor that you've wanted for so long .  Now Finn and his claws can scratch it all up too! Send me a picture when things get done so that I can see. I'm also glad Bobby is feeling better. I really do love what I'm doing and where i am. This work is amazing. The people here are so wonderful and there is work. I love you all so much and thanks for everything everyone does for me.  All of the Christmas packages and cards were so wonderful.  
Love you lots!
Elder Rodabough the second

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