Monday, December 9, 2013

Email sent December 9, 2013: "We're ministers from....A church"

Well mother this week is titled, "We're Ministers from..... A church"  This week was pretty great.
We committed Familia C to be baptised on the 22nd of December and to live the Word of Wisdom. It's going to be hard, because P the son, who's only 14, has a problem with smoking! It's so sad to think that a kid who's going to turn 15 soon has a problem with smoking. Sadly whenever the subject comes up, the team-up we have and all of his family kind of gang-up on him. I don't think he feels loved, but he does have a cousin named J who was baptized in Orem, UT a month ago and now lives with Familia C. She really loves him and is helping him out as much as she can to keep him on the straight and narrow.
I did exchanges with an Elder in my District. He's a really great kid who's only been out 5 months.  During the exchange he explained to me his doubts of being here on the mission. He mentioned that the main reason why he came out was to please his grandparents and his parents. He doesn't have many boys in his extended family and he's the only boy in his immediate family so he feels a lot of pressure to serve. When he told me I had no idea what to say. I did my best and listened to the Spirit. Since then I've talked to Sister Wolfert, who just loves you guys by the way, and she's going to get him some counseling to help.
Yeah don"t really remember much.
We had a meeting with all the District and Zone Leaders in the mission for 6 hours. There's 13 new District Leaders all with under 1 year in the mission and it's kind of crazy. President Wolfert's sort of pushing out the old and preping the new.... but it does worry some of the Zone Leaders. But anyway we had a meeting from 10-4 and I drove down with Elder Jex, who came out in my group from the MTC and I've gotten to know pretty well. After however, things got interesting. We picked up  Elder Higginbotham from Canada and they both came back with me to my area. We went to the appointments I had set up the couple days before. No, they do not speak Spanish and yes, they were very confused the whole time. I really had to remember some Spanish. We went over to Sheny's house for dinner and they just looked scared the entire time hahaha but sweet little Sheny made them feel right a home.
We had round 2 of the meeting, another 6 hours. I talked to Elder Blair a lot though. He's such a nice guy. Seriously he's just the kindest missionary here. He's a District Leader and he's a good one at that. But really the most memorable part of the day was when we were driving back. Me and Elder Jex came across an accident on the I-85 and it was pretty bad. A woman had drifted close to the median and then overcorrected to the right and turned right into a semi truck. It hit her on the front and sent her spinning so hard it hit the back of her car and sent her back the way she came. We didn't see that anyone was hurt when we passed and we kept driving. We'd made it about 200 yards when Elder Jex just said "Pull over. We're going back." We pulled over and then ran back to the accident. When we got there we found out the lady hadn't been injured, but like anyone else would be, was freaking out. We walked right up to her and just said, "Hello, ma'am, we're ministers from... a church." and the first thing she did was grab our hands and asked if we would pray for her. We each took her hands and then prayed for her and at one point we just started giving her a blessing as well. It was a pretty unorthadox blessing, but hey, I'm sure the lord understands. Afterwords we got up, waited for the police, and then left when everything was fine. It was such a cool experience for me and Elder Jex and i'm so glad he was listening to the Spirit.
We took our Christmas pictures, I'll send them to you hahaha (see above)
I'm so happy to hear about things in Utah.  It may be cold there but it rains and rains, and rains, and rains here all day almost every day this past week. But things are still progressing. Hearing about Thanksgiving made me feel pretty happy. I'm so glad that you all were able to spend time together. These moments will probably be pretty rare from here on out, so I'm glad you guys got to be together!
As for Christmas, President told us we can skype our families. We just need to ask a member for their computer and set up a time for when we're going to call. We can figure all that out next week. There's no set time for when we have to call so we can call throughout the day. If you could just pick a time, figure out the time differences, and tell me which number, name, whatever I do to call, I can.
Hey by the way, I dried a piece of candy with my clothes.... and pretty much I have pink sticky stuff all over my shirts. Elder Mayo knows a member who does some drycleaning on the side and we're going over tomorrow, but if you could please put some money on my card so if that doesn't work out I can by some new shirts I would greatly appreciate it!!!! My bad ma.
I'm super excited for the packages!  Could I plase add a vial of oil to my christmas list? I'm worried I'll have to give a blessing and i won't have oil to do it with.I've also got an idea from Elder Coleman my Zone Leader for your Christmas gift, but don't get mad if i can't get it to you by Christmas. It may be a little bit later. I think you're going to like it a lot :)
Much love,
Elder Rodabough the second.

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