Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Email sent December 2, 2013: Thanksgiving and the Temple

I loved hearing from all of you! Seriously it was so happy to me! I'm glad that you were able to hear the tape. I recorded it about three times. I don't know what Elder Galvez wrote, since he wouldn't let me listen to it, but I hope he said great things hahah because I think the world of him.

This week was a little uneventful so my email won't be super long. I'd say the best parts were Friday at the temple, and Sunday with Familia C.  We also had Hispanic/American thanksgiving with Sister S. She made mac and cheese, turkey, rice and beans. I loved it a lot actually. It was nice to eat at her house since she's like our ward mom. She'll always give us food and always comes with us on team ups with her husband.

Friday we got to go to the temple because the mission met the goal of 40 baptisms in one month. So those with a baptism got to go. I loved it! I'll send some pictures but it was super beautiful. The Atlanta temple is super tiny but I love it all the same. I loved the new movie as well!!! I loved the chance to be in the celestial room with about 30 other missionaries. the other session finished before us but it was great.

Sunday we went over to try and get Familia C to come to church and they said they would but they needed a ride. They didn't really expect us to get them one but when we showed up with it we then waited for an hour in their living room for them to get ready. They loved church and said they would love to come back.
I feel like a real missionary, working hard with Elder Mayo. He's been sick so a little less work hahaha.  I love you all and I'll send you some pictures!!

Elder Rodabough the second

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