Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Email sent March 17, 2014: Saturday was Super Stressful!!!

Good week, just Saturday was super stressful!!!!
So on Thursday we had our Zone Conference with half of the mission. We had Elder Erich W. Kopischke from the Seventy come and gave us some training. He's from Germany and yes, he does sound and talk with the same mannerisms of President Uchtdorf. It was a fun 6 hours to say the least. When he got to the pulpit his first words were, "I literally do not have an agenda. I did not prepare anything and we will now set the agenda of this conference." He then asked us to write down a question we needed answered and taught that if we come to meetings or conferences with questions that need answered, and if we focus on that question for the duration of the time, we will receive an answer.  He then just talked about other various questions that missionaries in the zone had. It literally was a Q&A/Training for about 6 hours plus lunch. It was really awesome. We learned so much about how to work with less active members and how to see if an investigator needs to be "Put on the back-burner for a bit" aka drop them.
During the lunch though the office staff were inspecting cars for cleanliness. Elder Bacon and I along with the two other Winder elders had spent the Tuesday before vacuuming and scrubbing the heck out our car which is a 2013 Chevy Cruze.  Then the morning before the conference I went over it again with a towel and cleaned the dirt that had come. When we arrived at the conference, we sprayed Windex on the windows and took everything out of the car. We also made a little box organizer in the trunk. We totally had the cleanest car!!! And we got 150 extra miles for it!! Which we are in desperate need.
On Saturday we had G's baptism. We got to the church at 2:00 pm and the baptism started at 4:00 pm. We were setting everything up in the area by the font when the Branch Mission Leader came and said they do the service in the chapel and then just go to the font to watch the baptism. So we put all the chairs back in the Relief Society room. The font was disgusting so Elder Bacon got in there with a mop and cleaned the whole thing. We started filling the font and then we found out that the water in the font filled slower than a melting stick of butter sliding down a hill. So we prayed that the water would fill enough for the baptism and went out to do the rest of the prep. People started showing up at around 4:00 pm, which is when we schedualed the service to begin... So we waited until 4:30 pm. President Wolfert also showed up at around 4:00 pm and that just added to the stress!! G and Elder Bacon went in to get changed. Then one of the sisters came up to me and told me that G had changed her mind and wanted Elder Thomas to baptize her. So we had to scavenge the church for pants while Elder Bacon and Elder Vance ran to their apartment and got Elder Thomas a white tie and some extra clothes. Then the service began.  We got to the ordinance and we realized that we hadn't told G how it was going to go down--like where to put your hands or anything like that (our bad). Meanwhile the water had filled to barely her knees so the water was really low, but it was filled enough. Elder Thomas had to baptize her twice hahaha.  After the baptism President Wolfert told me in that sweet, kind, loving voice that he has, "Now Elder Rodabough, maybe you might want to go over what's going to happen before she gets in the font." We finished the service and we headed out for dinner.  There were many many more things that happened before that and during it, but I didn't want to bore you with the details.  Anyway, she was baptized and it was a wonderful experience.
Winder is going well and I appreciate all of your prayers for the area. Elder Galvez told us that they will most likely keep the area open for another transfer since we had the baptism. So all the prayers are appreciated!  Love you guys so much! Have a good week and know that I pray for you guys all the time!!
Elder Rodabough the second

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