Monday, March 31, 2014

Email sent March 31, 2014: Training a new missionary

Make room Rodabough family since we'll be adding another Rodabough to the mix this Wednesday....I'm training a new missionary!  That's what you call your new missionary--your "son". and I'm his Dad hahaha.   On Tuesday this past week I got a call from the Assistants. Elder Eldridge asked me if I'd been having some morning sicknesses or some cravings for chocolate. I responded with, "No? Why the heck would I..... Oh....." to which Elder Eldridge replied, "You're going to be a Dad, Elder Rodabough!!!". Yikes. I'm a little nervous to say the least. I don't have Spanish down at all and I'm in Winder, which would be difficult even if I wasn't training. So really guys, I could use some prayers this week.

We got the transfer call already and Elder Bacon is going to Johns Creek, the area right next to Peachtree where I just came from. He'll be with Elder Long who I've served around for most of my mission. He'll be back in the Norcross Branch where I was for 6 months and he's so excited! He's been in Winder for 6 months and while he's loved it, he's ready to leave. I won't know who my new companion is until basically 10 minutes before he walks in to the meeting. He'll get here tomorrow and I'm super excited to meet him. There's two spanish missionaries coming in and one of them is a "Visa Waiter" for Spain. Elder Long knows him from home and President Wolfert told me when we had a meeting on Thursday that I'll most likely train him. We won't know for sure until Wednesday!  Sadly, aside from that not really much happened hahaha--life in Winder. It's the best.

Whoa it sounds like a lot is going on back home! Bailey's having a baby shower as well! Isn't she due in June? So she'll be doing tons of flying in those two days being 8 months pregnant? Sorry, I'm just a little bit concerned about it all. But hey, I'm 1500 miles away. I would love some photos though!! Wow, all of this sounds so far away but really is just within a month and a half! That's super crazy!! Time has flown by so fast and I can't believe it. Madison and Cameron I assume are still just a workin' and a learnin'. Good for you. I love them so much. 

As for your activities Mom and Dad, please keep them up. It'll take time for them to work but when they do they'll be the talk of the town!!! Maybe to help out increase some attendance, try including some other wards and make it sort of a mini stake activity? It's something that the Winder and Fort Yargo wards do that seems to work for them really well. By the way, is Frozen even good? It just sort of appeared for me one day when me and Elder Galvez were walking in Walmart. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me!!! I feel your prayers and feel the support from you all every day! I'll tell you how my "son" is next week and I'll send a picture! 
Elder Rodabough, the second

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