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Email sent March 3, 2014: A busy, but good week

Busy, but good week!
Mom in answer to your questions:

1) No I'm not the District Leader. Elder Vance, who served by me back in Peachtree is the District Leader. We're getting a little frustrated with being in that District. We understand that he and Elder Thomas are the other set of misionaries in the Branch so we need to work together.,but we have to drive close to half an hour every Tuesday to get down to the meeting. Then our dinner appointment is also in Athens in Tuesday, so we have to spend an entire day in Athens just figuring out what to do and not doing any work in our own area. We hope to get changed to a district up here so we don't have to spend so many of our miles that we're allotted each month. We also have to drive down to church as well every Sunday
2) Yes I took my bike when I transferred, but the car here doesn't have a bike rack since they never bike. I left the bike at the Dacula church building and the Zone Leaders will pick it up in a couple of days. We asked if we could do it last p-day but it's out of our Zone and the Assistants wouldn't let us go get it. But it's safe. I hope to use it before I leave Winder. One p-day I want to just ride it around with Elder Bacon and two other missionaries that are on bike next to us.
This is a challenging area. This was probably one of the most challenging weeks of my mission. But man, I learned how much I've actually grown out here.  So basically I learned that Elder Bacon is exactly like how I was when I got out here. I was frustrated a lot when things weren't coming through for us and I was upset that we weren't seeing the "Fruit" of our area. What I learned is that if you just keep working, keeping going, and just keep a smile. The Lord will bless us. Apparently I'm a very patient person now. I'm just seeing what we have in this area and not what we don't have. We've got two really promising investigators, each with their own problems to overcome, and they're doing great. 
We had a lesson after church with a girl whose aunt is a member from Venezuela and it was great. She's really trying to find out if this is the best path for her--if this is where the Lord wants her to be. The spirit was so strong and our team-up really helped us explain the whole polygamy thing hahahahaha. She told us, "I saw something on the internet about a man having 4 women?" to which Hermano T responded, "Well, I've got 4 women." She stared at him in shock and then Hermano said, "My wife, my daughter, my other daughter, and my niece!" we all burst out laughing and then Hermano explained it really well. Aside from that things here are doing great. It's interesting that we don't realize how much we've grown until we are with someone that needs you to have the traits that you yourself needed. It's just amazing to see how the Lord will put us through challenges, trials, and adversity to help us learn how to do something--way, way, way down in the future. I'm really excited for this chance that we have to work here in Winder. We just want to have a baptism. We're not expecting one or demanding one--we just want to show that Winder (still the cutest little place in Georgia) was opened for a reason. We don't have much more time to accomplish this, but we're determined to do so.
Don't feel bad about going on family trips without me. I've got my missionary brothers to spend time with and there's a family up here that basically feeds us twice a week. There's a woman who's white, but married a hispanic man that we call "Mama Joe". I'm not sure how much she likes me, but she loves Elder Bacon and so she's willing to do anything for us. For example we tried to hold a soccer game for our investigators this past Saturday and she invited all of her husbands friends to come hahaha. They all live in Atlanta, but she did her best to get them there. Also, she apparently prays every night for us to find a large pocket of Hispanics that we can teach for months at a time. She's the best. That game killed me and Elder Bacon though. We're exhausted, but we still are running every morning to get back into shape. We're going to need it if we're going to play the game every Saturday. I'm out 7 1/2 months now so I'm almost at a year hahaha not counting though, and you shouldn't be either!  Family, I love you all so much.
Elder Rodabough, your son

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