Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Email sent March 24, 2014: Soccer, Scoliosis and my Birthday

Cake made for Elder Rodabough by a member of his branch.  Looks delicious!
Hey, I forgot--Did I tell you guys I got food poisoning? I can't remember, but I did a couple weeks ago. We ate some bad bacon and that is funny since Elder BACON and I were sick. We were just sick for a day so we're all good now.
So this week was really great! We did some really good work with less active members of our branch.  We realized there's 5 less active families in our area that attend the branch in Athens and the ward up here in Winder. We spent the week visiting them and reading the Book of Mormon with them. The branch mission leader had also been planning with our help an activity up in Winder that we could invite all the less active members and our investigators to. On Saturday we had a huge grilling party and played soccer in the field next to the church for most of the evening! It was super successful!! We had 3 less active families, two investigators, and basically the whole branch in Winder playing soccer, eating and talking to each other!!! We were so happy and we counted over 50 people there. Everyone was so happy and we're thinking about having a monthly activity at the church here in Winder or in Athens. These type of activities are awesome for everyone!!!  

We also saw yesterday that two of those less active families came to church!!  One woman who just lost her first born son in a motorcycle accident a month ago came to church and had the most spiritual experience. The closing hymn for sacrament was "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" which is actually really different in Spanish, but more beautiful. She was crying so hard and afterwards she said, "I'm so glad I came back! I feel so different!" She really was feeling the power of the Atonement in her life. 

We also played some soccer and football with some kids in a trailer park after a lesson we had planned fell through. The son of our investigator came running up with like 10 of his little friends and asked if we could play around for a little bit. The parents of the kids came out of their trailers to see us playing with the kids and some, who had been a little "un-friendly" when we knocked on their door, invited us back again! Soccer is the new contacting tool!!!
We had a good lesson with our top investigator Maria O and she's been reading the Book of Mormon on her own as well. She just doesn't have the courage to ask her boss for a Sunday off and to work on Monday instead so that she can come to church.  It's also funny since she always says, "I want to go to the temple with you guys!" but she's really talking about church. She attends a church called "El Tabernaculo de Fuego de la Fe." which is called the Tabernacle of Fire of the Faith. But she really likes the LDS church and even got into an argument with her friend who said that we don't believe in the Holy Spirit and defended us! 

Also on Sunday, we saw a chiropractor who lives in the Winder ward. He said that I've got some scoliosis! He said it's not bad but recommended that I see a chiropractor at least twice more during my mission since I'm up on my feet so much more. He also gave me some other advice that I'm going to be working on. He says not to worry and that I'll be fine. It felt so weird being positioned and cracked like a roll of packing bubbles, but it was really nice feeling afterwards. 

Today we're going to see a museum of Barrow County, (probably not going to be that entertaining), but after we have a free tour of a local "Mason Lodge" for the Freemasons. The Fort Yargo elders talked to the people and we're going on a tour to see what it's like. I'm actually excited to see what it's like!

I hear the new mission president coming in July is a cool guy, but he's going to have a real hard time being as close to awesome as President Wolfert is. Sister Wolfert called me today and wished me personally a happy birthday. If that's not love from a mission president I don't know what is! haha Yeah, I got my birthday package and thank you so much!!!!! I was so happy to get it and now Elder Court comes and lays on my bed everyday when they stop by. For the new shirts I'm so grateful since I've ruined a couple of the other ones and summer is coming up so short sleeves will be a necessity. Elder Bacon and I have been listening to the Macdonald guy CD this week and we really like it a lot! The Called to Serve rendition on the CD is probably the best I've ever heard! Thanks again so much!!!

Well family, aside from that I'm so glad that I'm out here and loving every minute of it. I've got a suggestion for you guys that really has made my last week so much better.  I've started something called a "Blessings Book".  Every night I write down one blessing/miracle I saw that day. It's been really nice to look back and see how blessed I really am! It's just an idea, but I've seen it help a lot :) 
Love you all so much!!! Have a good week! 
Elder Rodabough the second

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