Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Email sent June 30, 2014: Elder McArthur

Pues mi familia, 
You want to hear about my companion? Well I'll tell you about him! His name is Elder McArthur. He's from Byron, Wyoming, population 470. But he's not weird thank heaven. He's 6'4 and he's hilarious. I'll explain him with this one story.

Last night we ate over with the Bowman family. Sister Bowman's father is the Stake President, President Gault. So the whole day we'd been thinking of a good message to share at dinner. We get there, we eat dinner, and as we go to share the message, Elder McArthur looks at me and says, "I've got it!  It's going to be great!" So we sit down and Elder McArthur begins to share the following story. 
"There once was a boy who wanted to learn Tae Kwan Do, but when he was born he didn't have a left arm. He looked for a master but they all turned him away. Finally one accepted him as a student, but the master only made him practice one move for weeks. Finally the boy asked the master why he was only learning this one move. The master responded with, "You are ready for a tournament." So the boy goes into a tournament and wins his first match. He asks the master how he is winning with just one move and the master replies with, 'If you win the tournament, I'll tell you how you won.' So the boy ends up winning all of his matches and the tournament. When he asks the master how he did it the master told him this, 'The one move you learned is the hardest move to do in Tae Kwan Do. The second thing, Is that to counter this move, you have to grab the person's left arm."  Then Elder McArthur said. "I'd like to read Ether 12:27 with you all." 

So basically he gave a karate kid parable but with a one armed twist!!! The whole time I was trying so hard not to laugh. I nearly lost it when he told the end of the story and asked to read Ether 12:27. My gosh he's so hilarious. He's also really spiritual though and can talk to anyone about anything. I'm really excited for this next transfer. The Zone is doing awesome! We've got such a stacked Zone full of super powerful missionaries that know how to work. Like the ones in your ward Mom and Dad, the missionaries in the Sugar Hill Zone are going to baptize. It's awesome. 
I love you all so much family! Have a wonderful week! 
Elder Rodabough the second 

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