Sunday, February 22, 2015

Email sent February 9, 2015: Cooking and Missed Opportunities

Hey family!
So this week we didn't have a whole lot of things happen. We had a lot of set appointments and nearly all of them fell through. Luckily our investigators still want to meet with us so we're hopeful for the future. The branch here in Lawrenceville is so supportive and most of our current investigators are member referrals of people that members invite to church. So the support from the branch is there, we have the skills, and now we just need to make the schedules to match up!  We know that the Lord will bless us and give us many opportunities.

Basically we've been cooking a lot the past couple of days. Our lunches and nighttime snacks are pretty awesome! We've made a lot of eggs, black beans, rice and other lunches. I'll send you guys some photos! 

We also had a zone conference this past week where we had all the missionaries who are going home in the next two transfers bear their testimonies. It's crazy how many missionaries are going home that I've got to be good friends with. Elder Auelua and Elder Aubrey both bore their testimonies and it blew my mind to realize that they have 10 weeks left. It put into perspective my time left here in Georgia. I started to think about how sacred this place is to me. I've loved my mission so much family. I've loved it all. I still have some time left, and so I'll keep serving as much as I can! 
Zone Conference
Elder Castro is doing good if any of you were wondering. Branch President Tefteller also speaks Portuguese and so they have a fun time speaking together. He really loves all of the elders in the Branch and he actually said during branch council, "If we utilize the missionaries we have with us right now, we will see miracles." It really made us feel good about ourselves and feel really motivated! 
We've got a lot to do this next coming week! I know that the Lord will protect, guide, and love us as we work with all of our heart might mind and strength! :) 
Elder Rodabough, the second

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