Monday, February 2, 2015

Email sent January 26,2015: Whitewashing in Lawrenceville

So this week I don't have a real lot to talk about. Basically we got here on Wednesday after a way crazy morning. So we got up, wait, let me change that, I got up at 4:30am to shower and finish packing my things to put them in the car. Then we drove to Lawrenceville and dropped off all our stuff. The apartment wasn't too clean so we spent most of our Wednesday cleaning the apartment, which is huge by the way!!! Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and lots and lots of space. It's nice because we have lots of room to do activities.

We basically spent most of our days this week tracting, meeting some members, and doing service as a Zone for the Red Cross. We went to the Lawrenceville housing department houses and broke up into groups going from house to house installing smoke detectors and making fire escape plans with the residents. It was really fun actually since a lot of missionaries here in the Zone are some of my closest friends here in the mission. It was a really cool experience actually.

Sorry I don't have much to report actually. Elder Castro and I are just working hard and doing our best to find people. This is going to be a really challenging transfer to be honest. But we are ready to do the Lords work. For the Lord we go hard.
Love, Elder Rodabough the Second
                  Elder Aubrey (One of my best friends here), Elder Sousa, another Portuguese elder.
                                             We wore fire department vests. We felt cool.

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