Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Email sent on February 23, 2015: Elder Castro Quotes and Love/Hate Graphs

Well team it sounds like it was an interesting, dramatic, and cold week for all of us.  Sadly my week was mostly more cold than those other things.

This week we mostly had a roller coaster of lessons and progression with investigators. Tuesday we had a solid day after P-day planned that I was super excited for that all fell through... I was feeling pretty disheartened to be honest and actually just sat down on our coffee table just staring at our map. But luckily family, whatever the Lord has given us is always enough! The Lord gave me an awesome companion with Elder Castro and he gave me a really spiritual pep talk which helped me out. We didn't have a huge miracle that night, but we went into the next day having a lot of faith. We went on exchanges and I stayed here since I'm the one with the drivers license between the two of us. Elder Hodson an English missionary came with me and we saw so many miracles! We found a couple new investigators and taught a lesson to one of our investigators named Jose who's so GOLDEN!!

Basically we spent the most of the week knocking on doors and following up with a bunch of potential investigators. It was funny since Elder Castro isn't accustomed to the cold--as in, the coldest it's ever been in his city in Brazil is 60 degrees. So we'd knock for 30 minutes and then warm up for 10 minutes in the car.  Speaking of Elder Castro, I decided one day that I would write down all of Elder Castro's quotes that made me laugh. Here we go team: 

Me: I need to shave again before we go. 
Castro: Ok then... Dumbledore.

Castro: Are you Disney?
Me: What?... Am I Disney? Why?
Castro: Because you're destroying my dreams.
Me: Does Disney destroy your dreams Castro?
Castro: .....Sometimes.... Yeah....

*We kneel down to pray*
Castro: Whoa! I understand Kenna so much more... You're beautiful....

*during the prayer*
Castro: Please bless sister Welker... I MEAN ELDER!!!

Well family, it was a good week for us overall. We've had some real learning experiences with the Branch President here in the branch. He was a super successful missionary, taught in the MTC, met his wife at BYU and taught us how to use the Book of Mormon more in our teaching in the middle of our branch council. It was pretty direct and forward. I liked it. 

Also here we go a real fast Hate/Love Graph

20% My awesome district
15% Elder Castro quotes
30% Eating with the other elders in our apartment
25% Playing soccer with the Missionaries in the zone
10% PMG DVD's

40% The cold
40% When investigators don't accept baptismal invitations
20% When we have a low amount of miles and can't go anywhere...

Elder Rodabough

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