Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Email sent April 20, 2015: " Counselors, Baptism and Eccentric Members"

Well hey der folks!
So this week was a ton better. The district saw a ton of success and also a lot of change. So Sister Jones, the closest sister friend that I had here finished her mission and they ended up removing the sisters from the Lawrenceville Ward all together. They put in a companionship of Elders. It was a little concerning because the sisters had someone on date for baptism this Saturday! But luckily the Elders that were put in are amazing and so they had everything under control. I was able to do the interview for the investigator named Tony. It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission talking to him. He has taken to the Gospel so fast and is so faithful. At the end of the interview he offered the prayer and prayed so purely. He pleaded with the Lord to remove all of the negativity, the sins, and all of the evil inside of him at his baptism. So that he could become a new creature. I was crying at the end of the prayer. 

We also went to see the mission counselor. She's actually a Marriage and Family Therapist as well! So I was able to talk to her about her practice and DBT training haha. But I also have been feeling especially stressed about training Elder Swingler, so I asked to talk to her as well. It was a really wonderful talk and during it I realized that Madi and Bailey, we have a very excellent father. And while yes, he is a therapist haha, he still is an amazing father who loves to help us. 

Now, for the funniest part of the week. So last night we had a lesson planned with an awesome potential investigator that we had met on Saturday. We got the most enthusiastic member who helps out a ton with missionary work, (basically he's a lot like mom haha just Hispanic) to come with us but when we got there to the lesson, they didn't show up... So we waited and waited and finally we decided to just go teach the lesson without them. We taught from the doorway--No male present.... :( , But as we were leaving the member called us saying she was still going to come and meet our investigator! So we walked back up to the same door we had just been at for 20 minutes and explained the situation. Our member showed up and basically just invited herself into the house and talked with the mother and niece who live there.  They are super awesome. But here's where it got interesting.... So we were about to wrap up the chit chat and leave when Hna Lupercio, our member asked if our investigator would like to have a Family Home Evening tomorrow. The investigator said sure! Then.... Hna Lupercio said, "Now, my house isn't big enough, so can we have it in your home?" We were like "WHAT???" But the investigator said "Sure"! We don't know if she realizes what she's getting into. The Lupercios have 5 kids, and both companionships of elders... Wish us luck guys...

Overall things are going great here in Lawrenceville :) I'm really happy :) Thanks for all of your prayers guys I really can feel them. I hope all is well back home and that you are all keeping Holy! 

Elder Rodabough

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