Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Email sent June 1, 2015: "A Crazy, Crazy Week"

So basically this week was full of awkward situations, amazing spiritually led lessons and some sad feelings. But the awkward situations were funny so it was ok!

So we'll start off with the awkward situation. So on Friday we were invited by some English Elders to have a food eating contest with a family in their ward. We had Memorial Day dinner with them and part of the conversation included food eating competitions. So we agreed and went over with the idea that the whole family would be there. We get there and there isn't a single adult there... Well... sort of. There was a girl that had just finished her first year at BYUI. But it was her, the 18 year old daughter of the family, and a 17 year old priest. We were pretty uncomfortable the whole time. And to make it worse the food wasn't ready when we got there so we had to sit and wait as I basically had a high school flashback. But we ate and then ran out of the house as soon as possible. Never doing that again... 

We had a wonderfully spiritual lesson as well this past week. So we had a referral from a companionship of English missionaries that we went to see and had a lesson with. They are teaching the son of the referral. The whole time Elder Swingler and I really strove to go by the spirit and ask inspired questions. She opened right up to us and we were able to teach about the Atonement from the Book of Mormon and invited her to be baptized. She didn't accept the invitation right away, but she said she would keep meeting with us and read the Book of Mormon! It was weird because apparently the English missionaries had to cast a spirit out of the house the night before. It clearly was inspired since we needed it out in order to have the spirit in the abundance that we had! 

I'm sure you've all heard about the sisters who were involved in the accident on Friday. We were all involved in a Mission wide fast on Sunday and we had Stake Conference here in Lilburn so the sisters were honored. As far as we know Sister Beckstrom's family is on their way here and she is still in a shaky recovery. Thank you for your love and support for the sisters. I knew Sister Barnard a little bit and Sister Beckstrom came out with Elder Swingler so he knew her from the Mission Home. Overall there was a weird feeling amongst the missionaries. But we all just feel the outpouring of love from the Bennions and the Spirit.

I hope that all goes well this week for everyone. I pray for you all on a daily basis and I know that I am heard. I love you a ton and I hope you know I love you guys :) Please keep doing hard things. And trust in the Lord to get them accomplished. I know that we are an eternal family because Mom and Dad were sealed in a House of God by one holding the proper authority. All of that was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith so that we can return once again as families to the presence of our Heavenly Father. I know this. And i know you all know this. I guess we just need to live it now. So live it strong. 

Love you all! 
Elder Rodabough

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