Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 5, 2015: "New Companion"

Yeah so we just got transfer calls today! So Elder Swingler is going to the Stone Mountain area with Elder Lambson. We all served together in the Riverside Branch before they split it and Elder Lambson is really patient so I'm really happy with the transfer. I'm going to spend the next 5 weeks training another missionary! So he's already been here for a transfer and so I'm just going to finish training him. He's literally from Mexico. Like I'm going to be teaching him English. So my last 6 months here in Lawrenceville finally make sense. Get here with Elder Castro and teach him some English. Then 4 1/2 months training Elder Swingler. Now, teaching someone English while training. The Lord has a plan for sure. haha

It's good to hear that everyone had a super awesome 4th of July! Man, I really hope taht we keep the tradition of buying a ton of fireworks going. I'm so excited to have some good solid family fun time when I get home. 

Bailey & Bobby: Good to hear that you've made some goals and you're working towards it! Keep it up and be honest with yourself. The Lord will only give us strength if we are humble enough to accept it. A good indicator of how willing we are to accept the Lords help is how well we accept the help of others. Bobby you've been looking more and more hipster as my mission has gone on. I've enjoyed seeing the evolution. Thank you for supporting my sister and my nephew! 

Dad & Mom: Sounds like the house is going good! Basically you guys could've moved and it would be the same thing haha. You guys are doing a ton to help out with everyone. I know that the Lord has been blessing you openly, and also in secret in ways that we don't even understand. 

Madison and Cameron: WAY TO BE CAM WITH THE BOARDS!!!! And Madison way to be with sticking to your guns in management. Be able to stand strong, and be able to be humble as well. 

I love you all :) I am so excited. I've been doing "trunky" math. 40 days! If I did my math right.... Don't worry. I'm not that "trunky". 

Love you all! 

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