Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Email sent April 27, 2015: "Yeah Whatever, I'll Just Suck it Up"

What's up team?

So this week was pretty low key to be honest. We had a meeting on Tuesday up in Norcross at the good ole' Norcross building where I started my mission. It was crazy to think about how I started my mission there over 17 months ago. We had a meeting for a bunch of missionaries that have learning disabilities and so Elder Swingler and I were invited to go. It was a really helpful meeting and we learned some great learning techniques that we're going to start using. 

Then on Friday night we drove down to Lilburn to do exchanges with the Assistants. I don't know if I told you guys but Elder McArthur, my comp in Sugar Hill and my best friend out here is the new assistant and so it was just like we were companions again. He's not to happy being an AP haha the stress is pretty killer but he's not a murmurer so he's hunkering down to work. The APs go on exchanges with the Trainers and Trainees for two days in their area. So we spent two nights and a day and a half with them. Friday night to Sunday afternoon. It was so much fun except for when McArthur and I were doing service and I looked down and saw a whole baby spider colony crawling up my body to lay eggs in my ears or something. I didn't wait around to see where they would end up and so I ran away screaming like a little girl. McArthur's comment was, "Your lucky this family only has girls so that the neighbors don't think anything's up." 

Then Sunday is when things got CRAZY!! So last Sunday they announced that they were going to change the Branch Boundaries between the two Spanish Branches here in the Lilburn Stake. So Sunday we had church at the Lilburn building instead of the Lawrenceville building. Basically what happened is that they took 1/3 of the Riverside Branch and moved them to the other Branch called Stone Mountain. With that area they also took half of our members, our Branch Mission Leader and all of our missionary minded members. They also moved the Lawrenceville Branch to another building in the Stake, an extra 15 miles from our apartment. They took the other companionship of Elders out of Riverside so it's just Elder Swingler and I. Basically I decided that I'm going to spend the rest of my mission here reconstructing a Branch and getting this rolling again as to the missionary work. We have about 2 investigators now haha. It's like Winder all over again!! hahaha

We're going to be fine though. Elder Swingler is really positive which helps, but has no idea what any of this actually means for us haha. Oh how ignorance is bliss. 

I love you all so much! I'm happy to hear that you are all doing well in your prospective lives and locations! Keep it up Rodaboughs. There are hard things to be done and nobody better to do them than us. COWBOY UP!!! 

Elder Rodabough the second

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