Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Email sent May 26, 2015: "Well We Are Together for One More Transfer"

Hi Team,
Well we are emailing today since we had Memorial Day yesterday and President Bennion had us switch P-Day to today. We had a regular District Meeting yesterday and it's been sort of weird having a change in Districts because we were having such a solid time with our other District and the new members of our District are a bit more... dull.... But the District Leader, Elder Pena and I have been coming up with good ideas to have some fun but still learn and grow.

We did still have our transfer calls yesterday and we found out that Elder Swingler and I are going to stay together for one more. I'm not 100 % sure how I feel about it but I'm not really asked to agree, just asked how I'm going to react. So I'm going to take it as good as I can and work hard for a baptism. We didn't have a chance to baptize during the training so we hope that we can do it during this next one. I really hope the Lord is preparing some humble prepared soul for us. But if not, I'll find satisfaction in the work :) because when you do the work of the Lord, you always find joy :) 

I love you all so much and it looks like you guys have had a blast going to Moab! Man, I wasn't jealous at first of all of your trips but this one looked way fun. We definitely have to do stuff when I get back guys PLEASE!!!!! 

I love you all so much and i pray for the well being of all of you daily :) I know the lord has blessed our family. Without a doubt. We are so blessed :) 

Elder Rodabough

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