Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Email sent May 18, 2015: "The Week in a Nutshell"

Ok team,

So this past week was pretty fun overall. We didn't have to huge of miracles like last week but we had tons of little miracles that helped us long the way! I went on exchange this week with the Zone Leaders. I went to their area and Elder Lamb who is formerly a Spanish missionary and who served in my area and so I didn't have to worry about leaving Elder Swingler in the area. We had the chance to do some service which involved cutting down some trees and apparently I've become quite the expert on it. The member couldn't get his chainsaw working and so I looked at it and we figured things out. I mixed the oil and gas and was able to get it running. Apparently I've used enough chainsaws on my mission to use one pretty well. 

On Sunday we had an awesome Family Home Evening with a young family in the Branch where we made some "Silver Plates" and we wrote "The Book of the Guadarrama" on the cover of it and we wrote our testimonies of the church, the Book of Mormon, or whatever we felt like in a language that this Family Home Evening book we found in our apartment showed us. It went really well since the husband has some issues about his testimony and we think it helped him a bit. We told them to bury it in their yard but they don't really have a yard and so we told them to bury it in their storage closet haha.
We really have some high hopes for this week in lessons. We should have some solid progressing investigators after this week and so we're getting pumped for what happens. We hope to have a family of 7 on date for baptism before the week is over. We've been praying for some miracles and for opportunities to put people on date for baptism and we trust in the Lord. 

Sounds like from everybody's email that people are going to have a good week. Everybody down in Moab! FREAK! I want to go hiking so badly.... There is nothing here but trees and forest creatures that I periodically see splattered along the road. I saw an armadillo the other day, that was a first. 

Elder Rodabough

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