Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Email sent June 22, 2015: "So Things Just Got Pretty Crazy"

So.... we just actually got into a minor car accident not more than an hour ago.... It was pretty crazy. I went to Walmart with another Elder to print off some pictures and he could get his watch fixed. We were leaving and I had a green arrow to turn left so I started into the intersection. I looked left just in time to see a guy barreling into the intersection. I slammed on my brakes and started honking and the driver looked up and swerved at the last minute only scraping our car, but slamming into the front wheel of the car in the lane next to me. No one was injured but Elder Bartholomew and I were a little shaken up for a second. We really felt blessed by the Lord. Basically if I hadn't looked left I'd probably be seriously injured or dead. But the Lord seems to have other plans for me!

Our car after our accident

On another note we had to drop a couple of investigators because they didn't want to progress. It was a little hard and I was concerned that Elder Swingler wouldn't want to. He loves all of our investigators a lot and so i was prepared for him to put up a fight. But he actually brought up the subject of dropping a couple of investigators. He also rebuked this catholic mama and read some of Moroni 8 with her. I was squirming in my seat while he read a verse that says anyone who baptizes babies denies the Atonement, but she took it well.

We are focusing a ton on finding this next week. We haven't had to great of finding weeks and so we're going to do a lot of door knocking, in the hottest week of the summer, wearing ties, holla. But I know the Lord is going to bless us for working our hardest. We are definitely going to find some solid new investigators this week. 

Wow it sounds like life is pretty crazy back home! I'm glad to hear that Grandma and Grandpa Gunn finally "Decided" to move into an assisted living apartment. I'm especially glad to hear that Grandma is looking better than she has in months. NICK IS GONNA BE A DADDY??? Way to be champ. I'm excited to meet the rug rat when it comes forth. When do they know the gender? Also the Basement seems to be making progress! Hurrah!!! And Bailey being at home is way better than being at the hospital :)

Guys, I'm so sorry that things are hard right now. I am so sorry that I can't do anything to help. I will be there in a few weeks to help everyone get things sorted out. I love you all so much!

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