Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Email sent June 15, 2015: "More Crazy People, Cat Goals and Bosnians"

So basically this week we found little to non new investigators which wasn't to bad, but everywhere we go we seem to find like a ton of people from Bosnia. Like I'm not joking, a ton of people. Like I would say that we talked to more people from Bosnia than people who speak Spanish. It was weird. But they're really nice people surprisingly. I think we should take a family trip to the former Soviet Union.

So basically we didn't have a really eventful week this week. Which I decided the reason why is that we aren't trying to have fun as we do the work. So we decided to make some, "different" goals this week. I don't know if I told you guys about this but when I was an English missionary, Elder Hamer and I tried to catch all of the feral cats that would roam our neighborhood. Elder Swingler and I realized here in Lawrenceville there's also a ton of feral cats. So during our week planning on Friday we made the goal of catching a feral cat this week. We have a huge window by our study area and one of them doesn't have a screen. So we decided that every night after we did our planning and journal writing, we would lure cats to our window and then try and catch them. We'll see how it goes. I hope I don't get scratched. 

So yesterday we had a lesson with a woman that lives at the top of our area. We had dinner with a family that lives by them and so we decided that we would take the 19 year old daughter with us to the lesson with her. This investigator is.... interesting... like a lot of other people that we've taught. So we went into the lesson not expecting what to happen. We start off the lesson and we taught about the spirit world since that was where we'd left off of on our last lesson. We asked her a question, and then it went into a 20 minute, well rant, about how catholic people come to church immodest and that our investigator doesn't like it when women bend over and you can see their chest. We were all uncomfortable to say the least. The family of the girl who came with us and our investigator are from the same country originally and so we asked her to invite her to come to church. She invited her and she agreed! So we're excited to see how things go with our investigator in a gospel essentials class.

I am so sorry to hear that insurance won't pay for the flood. I'm sorry I can't be there to help you guys. To be honest its hard to see you all going through these trials and I can't help you guys out... But I promise I'll be there to help you when I return. Keep being strong guys and I know that we can get through it all together! Glad to hear that Bailey is going to be discharged from the hospital today!! I hope all goes well for recovery bails! You all have been, and will be in my prayers! I can feel yours and know that our Father in Heaven hears all of them! 


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